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Basic Information
Under normal operation, if the pump has problems caused by its quality, Tobee® Pump will be responsible for the three(3) guarantee services within the warranty period.
If the working conditions of the pump do not match the information that initially provided to Tobee® for pump selection, Tobee® Pump will not be held responsible for the three(3) guarantee services. However, an after-sale department can provide technical support to help solve the problems for users as soon as possible.
Precautions for Customer's Use
The customer should read the instruction manual carefully and strictly follow the requirements for operation.
If the pump has not been not used for a long time, aging rubber parts, improper function and deteriorative grease can be caused, which cannot satisfy the operation requirements. Therefore, if customers do not use the bearing assembly within 6 months after receiving it, they should clean the bearing and replace the grease with a qualified one; if not used for 1 year, they should overhaul it and replace the rubber parts.
For the bearing lubricated by thin oil, the lubrication oil is not filled before shipment. Therefore, you must fill lubrication oil according to the requirements before operating.
The combination of the new wet ends with the old ones will affect the service life of the new parts, so you should try to avoid such operation.
Guarantees Scope
The complete pump (wetted parts excluded) operates properly for 1 year.
The wetted parts as working condition.
The bearing operates for 10,000 hours under normal maintenance condition.
The seal arrangement for 6 months under normal maintenance condition
*The service life of mechanical seal does not conform to the requirements under specified operating condition.
No guarantees services under the following conditions:
Damage caused by the transportation not in charge of Tobee® Pump.
Problems or damage caused by improper installation and operation.
Problems or damage of Tobee® Pumps caused by the connection with other equipment.
Damage caused by not properly maintaining the complete pump.
Problems or damage caused by artificial or natural disasters.
Problems or damage caused by using unqualified grease or parts.
Problems or damage caused by the application and operation not within specified intended operation.

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