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TY Vertical Molten Salt Pump


    Size: 25-300mm
    Operating temperature(T): 180℃~800℃
    Capacity(Q): 3-600m3/h
    Head(H): 5-125m
    viscosity: μ<300cp
    Submerged depth(L): 0.6-8m
    Materials: Heat-resisting cast steel

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TY Vertical Molten Salt Pump also known as molten salt sump pump and high temperature sump pump, This type pump was designed with many years of production experient in sump pumps by Tobee Group, and heat-resistant technology and quality have reached the leading level in the world, It is a optimal pump type for transporting high temperature liquids in chemical industry,Especially for transporting high temperature Sulfur liquids and molten salts etc.

TY series high temperature molten salt pump is a single stage,single suction,heat-resistant sump pump,The impeller is centrifugal type impeller.This pump has advantages of Easy to start, no leakage, smaller area etc.This pump adopt effective cooling type, reasonable structure and material,It is a special pump for transporting under 800 ℃ high temperature molten salt, high temperature oil and other high temperature liquids pump.

Design features:

• TY series high temperature molten salt pump is a vertical pump, mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, pump shaft, takeover, fluid tubes, bearing support, motor bracket, bracket, installation base plate, coupling, cooling water pipe, vertical motor etc.
• Backplane hereafter called fluid, a portion of the pump installation when it insert in the molten salt tank (tank), pump body, impeller, pump cover are immersed in molten salt below the liquid surface, through the impeller rotating pumping molten salt, pump shaft by supporting tube and installation base plate at the top of the bracket, bracket, motor bracket and connected.
• In a rolling bearing bracket, by the high temperature lubricating grease.On bearing bracket shell is equipped with cooling jacket, water cooling, in order to reduce the temperature of the grease in the bearing support.Bearing support the following stent lumen also have water cooling, to prevent liquid transmission part quantity of heat to the bearing support, reducing the bearing temperature.Due to the dual cooling to ensure the pump work normally at high temperature.
• Pump shaft is usually a long shaft, shaft above is rolling bearing, axis is below the metal sliding bearing.Pumping high temperature molten salt pump, submerged depth is longer than the pump shaft will consist of two or three segments, with rigid coupling between pick up into a long axis, and in the central axis with metal sliding bearing in the middle of the bearing.Pumping submerged depth of the molten salt pump is small, without intermediate bearing.
• The inlet of high temperature molten salt pump body, only the suction pipe are in the following fashion: when using the molten salt pump, when the liquid level to higher level open pump, draw the liquid surface to pump inlet side (lower level) to stop the pump, and waited to open pump on the liquid surface, at this moment if submerged depth is deeper, into the suction pipe can be under the same depth is relatively short pump shaft, the length of the supporting tube, fluid pipe, make the pump running smoothly, prolong service life, reduce the weight of molten salt pump, molten salt pump cost;If molten salt pump when used in any liquid level position to stop the pump or pump, cannot install the suction pipe.
• When the pump is easy to gasification and high temperature liquid (such as high temperature oil), the pump outlet pipe and under the high temperature liquid pump stents in have high temperature sealing device to prevent gas leakage
• With the advantages of high efficiency, stable operating, little vibration, low noise, long service life, less maintenance, low maintenance cost etc

Tobee® TY Vertical Molten Salt Pumps Performance Parameters:

ModelPump Rated Speed n =1450(r/min)

Capacity Q


Head H


Eff. η


Power P


Submerged depth L



Tobee® TY Vertical Molten Salt Pumps Structural Drawing:

Tobee TY Vertical Molten Salt Pumps Structural Drawing

Molten Salt Pumping System Diagram:

Tobee Mloten Salt Pumping System

Thermal Energy Storage With Molten Salt Diagram:

Thermal Energy Storage With Molten Salt System Diagram

Tobee® TY Vertical Molten Salt Pumps Applications:

Tobee TY Vertical Molten Salt Pumps Applications

TY High temperature molten salt pumps apply to high temperature molten salt (a mixture of potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate) or other high temperature medium,It is widely used in Melamine, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, sulphur, acrylic acid, urea, refrigerant, alumina, Replace the molten salt of bath furnace, Dissolution of alumina pipeline, Concentrated caustic soda, Phthalic anhydride production plant, Maleic anhydride production plant, Melamine production unit, Acrylic acid and esters plant, Legal Topsoe temperature acid, Castor oil production sebacic acid, Solar thermal storage, Seawater magnesium smelting with molten salt method, Waste lubricating oil recovery, Chemical oxidation reaction apparatus etc, at the same time also can be used to transport high temperature heat conduction oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive liquids.

Tobee® TY Vertical Molten Salt Pumps Drawing:

Tobee TY High Temperature Vertical Molten Salt Pumps Drawing

* The submerged depth of the molten salt pump L according to the size of molten salt tank and customer requirements.
* Molten salt pump installation size can according to user's molten salt tank installation dimensions.
* Detailed installation size chart please get in touch with Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited.

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