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TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump


    Size: 65mm
    Capacity: 18-113m3/h
    Head: 5-31.5m
    Speed: 700-1500rpm
    Eff.: 60%
    Power: Max.30kw
    Handling solids: 15mm
    Materials: High chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump is mainly used to transfer high- hardness, strong-corrosion and high-concentration liquids that contain suspended solid particles, The metal lined and elastomer rubber lined is interchageable for different duties, such as finished ores, refuse ores, ashes, cinders, cements, mud, mineral stones and etc.

Design Deatures:

• Compared to traditional sump pumps, TP series sump pumps have superb performance in capacity, head and efficiency.
• Unique cantilevered design makes EV series work normally even if the suction volume is not enough.
• Various pump models are available including traditional single-casing pumps as well as pioneering double-casing ones.
• Don’t need any seal and seal water.

Tobee® TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump Performance Parameter:

ModelMatching power P

Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Eff. η


Impeller dia.


Max. particles

Tobee® TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump Structural Design:

Tobee TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump Structural Design.jpg

Tobee® TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump Inlet Constructions:

Tobee TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump Inlet Constructions

Tobee® TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump After-sales Service:

As the slurry pump wet ends parts such as the impeller, volute liner, FPL insert, Throat bush, shaft sleeve are consumption parts and we could provide you always the qualified slurry pump parts within very short time.

Packing Transport Services
Considering the order pump size and we could provide case or pallet as per your need to make sure it safe enough during the long distance road and ocean shipping. having own export company and so we could help you find the best ocean shipping solution and service for you from the goods out of factory to your destination.

Installation Services
Tobee Pump have more than 30 years experienced pump installation workers and are very aware of any onside application. We could provide abroad pump installation service and expect pump manufacturing and sales,abroad pump installation is getting more and more popular by our regular clients abroad.

Technical Support Services
Technical data sheet, Performance curve, General arrangement drawing, Operating manual will be sent within 24th for your checking, So Pls feel free to contact us If you have any need.

Tobee® TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump On-site Applications

• Mining
• Mineral processing
• Construction
• Chemical and Fertilization
• Power generation
• Phosphate matrix fertilization
• Paper mill wastes and liquors
• Precipitated CaCO3
• Plaster
• Bottom/fly ash, lime grinding
• Pulp and paper
• Oil and gas
• Waste water treatment
• Dirty water
• Waste sludge
• Ball mill discharge
• Rod mill discharge
• SAG mill discharge
• Fine tailings
• Flotation
• Heavy media process
• Minerals concentrate
• Mineral sands
• Coal-washing plant
• Coarse sand
• Coarse tailings
• Dredging
• Wet crushers aplications
• Wet scrubber systems
• Process chemical
• Iron and Steel
• Ni acid slurry
• Fracking slurries
• Clay and sand slurries
• Kaolin clay
• Carbon slurry
• Lime mud
• Oil sands
• Phosphoric acid

Tobee® TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump Dimensional Drawing:

Tobee TP65QV Heavy Duty Sump Pump Dimensional Drawing

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