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TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump


    Size: 40mm
    Capacity: 7.2-29m3/h
    Head: 4-28.5m
    Speed: 1000-2200rpm
    Eff.: 40%
    Power: Max.15kw
    Handling solids: 12mm
    Materials: High chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane,Ceramic etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump works underwater for delivering heavy concentration abrasive & corrosive slurry with big particles. pump column is made by steel or elastomer covered steel, For rubber lined pump, all wetted parts are made by elastomer for delivering strong corrosion slurry.

Design features:

• Fully Cantilevered - Eliminates submerged bearings, packing, lip seals, and mechanical seals that other vertical slurry pumps typically require.
• Impellers - Unique double suction impellers; fluid flow enters the top as well as the bottom. This design eliminates shaft seals and reduces thrust load on the bearings.
• Large Particle - Large particle impellers are also available and enable passing unusually large solids.
• Bearing Assembly - The maintenance friendly bearing assembly has heavy duty roller bearings, robust housings, and a massive shaft.
• Casing - The metal pumps have a heavy walled abrasive resistant Cr27Mo chrome alloy casing. Rubber pumps have a molded rubber casing adhered to sturdy metal structures.
• Column and Discharge Pipe - The metal pump columns and discharge pipes are steel, and the rubber columns and discharge pipes are rubber covered.
• Upper Strainers - Snap in elastomer strainers fit in column openings to prevent overly large particles and unwanted refuse from entering casing of the pump.
• Lower Strainers - Bolt-on cast strainers on the metal pump and molded snap-on elastomer strainers on the rubber pumps protect the pump from oversize particles.

Tobee® TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump Performance Parameter:

TobeeEquivalentPower P

Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Eff. η


Impeller dia.







Tobee® TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump Structural Drawing:

Tobee TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump Structural Drawing

Tobee® Slurry Pump & Parts Inspection Process:

Stages of manufacture                     
Quality control activities                                                   
Pump designAppearance, sizeGB/10888-89
Raw material arrivalSampling, material chemical analysisGB121.1-29-2008
Casting and compositionMaterial chemical analysis of pump partsGB121.1-29-2008
Casting quality inspectionGB302-2012
Key component machiningDimension precision inspectionJB/T6879-93
Impeller balancingGB061-2002
General assemblyProcedure operationGB2103-96
Hydraulic static testGB064-2008
PaintingAnticorrosion primer paintJB/T4297-92
Epoxy coatingJB/T4297-92
Performance test of pump unitCapacity and headGB157-1998
Vibration and noiseJB/T8097-05
Bearing temperatureJB/T5295091
Final inspectionPackaging of pump unitGB0157-2008
Technical documentsGB0157-2008
Spare parts and accessoriesGB0157-2008

Tobee® TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump On-site Applications

• Mining• Sump drainage• Coal prep• Mineral processing
• Mill sumps• Tunnel• Tailings• Chemical slurries
• Ash handing• Paper and Pulp• Waste sludge• Coarse sand
• Lime mud• Phosphoric acid• Sump Dredging• Mill grinding
• Alumina Industry• Power Plant• Potash Fertilizer Plant• Other industries

Tobee® TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump Dimensional Drawing:

Tobee TP40PV Cantilever Sump Pump Dimensional Drawing.jpg

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