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TSJ Deep Well Pump


    Well Dia.: 100-550mm
    Outlet dia.: 1.5-10inch
    Capacity: 5-1000m3/hr
    Head: 10-400m
    Temp.: 0-90℃
    PH Value: 6.5-8.5
    Sand Content: up to 0.01%
    Materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, SS904, Bronze etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TSJ Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump is a high-performance wear-resistant submersible water pumps, The power units adopts international advanced stainless steel submersible motor with water immersed, No pollution for pumping water, TSJ pump is the current high-quality deep well pump in domestic and foreign. Using the excellent quality stainless steel shell, shaft core, coupling, suction parts and the bare shaft pump (or copper alloy), High strength wear resistant composite polymer material impeller and stainless steel guide shell, New "floating" impeller during work without axial pressure on the motor. Especially suitable for industrial and mining water supply and drainage, agriculture irrigation, rainwater recycling, lifting underground water, sea water, breeding, food & beverage, household drinking water and domestic water (or high-rise water supply).

Design Features:

• Compact vertical centrifugal multi-stage design with perfect standardization and generalization, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
• A complete electric submersible pump includes a water pump set, electric motor, a discharge piping, water-proof cable and a control panel.
• Submersible motor filled with clean water for cooling and lubrication. And the pressure regulation switch, located at the bottom of motor, shall automatically operate to balance the pressure fluctuation caused by temperature variations.
• A sand slinger and oil-sealed skeleton are equipped at the upper part of motor to form a closed operating system for the motor, thus preventing any sand to penetrate into the motor.
• Water injection hole as well as air release hole are designed at the upper part of the motor, and water release hole at bottom (lower) part.
• Thrust bearing and collar are designed at lower part of motor to stand the weight of the squirrel caged rotor and the axial thrust residual.
• Water-proof electromagnetic wiring for stator with excellent insulation.

Tobee® TSJ Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump Structural Drawing:


Capacity Q


Max. Head H




Max. eff. η


Pipe screw joint

Tobee® TSJ Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump Structural Drawing:

Tobee TSJ Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump Structural Drawing

Tobee® TSJ Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump Using Conditions:

• 380V voltage deviation is no more than ±5%, frequency is 50HZ, three-phase power deviation is no more than ±1%.(220v,440v,550v or 60Hz are the same)
• Motor cavity must be filled with water.
• The first stage impeller of the pump should be more than 2mm below the moving water surface,  pump unit should be less than 70m below the static water level.
• The distance from the motor bottom to well bottom must be more than 3m.
• Water temperature should be no more than 20°C.
• Sand content of the water ( by mass) should be no more than 0.01%.
• PH value of water 6.5-8.5.
• Hydrogen sulfide content of the water should be no more than 1.5mg/L.
• Chloride ion content of the water should be no more than 400mg/L.
• Water yield of water source should ensure the requirements of pump continuous working.

Tobee® TSJ Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee TSJ Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump On-site Applications

• Well water

• Clean water

• Drinking water

• Groundwater

• Irrigation

• River water

• Sea water

• Water supply

• Water discharge

• Mine water

• Pool water

• Sprinkling

• Fountain

• Rian water

• Mining drainage

• Water lifting

• Heating water

• Chilled water

• Water burst

• Mineral water

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