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TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump


    Size: 3" x 2"
    Capacity: 39.6-86.4m3/h
    Head: 12-64m
    Speed: 1300-2700rpm
    NPSHr: 4-6m
    Eff.: 55%
    Power: Max.30kw
    Handling solids: 25mm
    Seal arrangement: Packing seal, Expeller seal, Mechanical seal
    Materials: A05, A07, A33, A49, A51, A61, R08, R26, R55, U01 etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump is featured with high efficiency, wear-resistance,stable performance and excellent interchangeability. The material of liner and impeller adopts wear-resistant metal or rubber, discharge branch can be positioned at 8 different positions at intervals of 45 degrees, the pumps may be installed in multistage design, may be driven by belt or direct coupling.The seal of shaft may be adoptable of gland seal, expeller seal or mechanical seal. Pump should rotate clockwise viewing from driving end. TH3x2C slurry pumps are suitable for delivering abrasive middle and low density slurries in metallurgical, mining, coal and power plant, steel mill and chemical industries etc.

Design Features:

• Double casings design, wide passage for solids.
• Bearing assembly & frame: Both standard & high capacity typies available. 
• A large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration. Heavy duty roller bearing are housed in a removable bearing cartridge.
• Pump body is fastened with the frame by minimum bolts. Impeller adjustment is provided in a convenient position below the bearing assembly.
• Impeller & liner material: high chrome alloy, rubber and polyurethane etc.
• High efficiency impeller available: up to 86.5% for certain type.
• Interchangeable wet parts material: High chrome alloy metal: PH: 5-12, natural rubber: PH: 4-12.
• Shaft seal: Packing seal, centrifugal seal, mechanical seal.
• Discharge branch: 8 positions in each 45°.
• Driving type: V-belt, flexible coupling, gearbox, hydraulic coupler.

Tobee® TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Performance Parameters:




MaterialsClear water performance


Vane No.


Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Eff. η





Tobee® TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Structural Drawing:

Tobee TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Structural Drawing

Tobee® TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Frame Explanation:

Max.Power (kw)7.51530601203002606005601200
Frame Weight (kg)17244577.515422855510065461156
Amount of Shaft Sealing Water (l/s)

Tobee® TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Driven Type:

Tobee TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Driven Type

Tobee® TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump On-site Applications

• Wet crushers                   
• SAG mill discharge            
• Ball mill discharge              
• Rod mill discharge
• Ni acid slurry• Coarse sand• Coarse tailings• Phosphate matrix
• Minerals concentrate• Heavy media• Dredging• Bottom/fly ash, lime grinding
• Oil sands• Mineral sands• Fine tailings• Phosphoric acid
• Coal• Flotation• Sugar beets• Process chemical
• Pulp and paper• FGD• Waste water• Aluminum oxide

Tobee® TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Dimensional Drawing:

Tobee TH3x2C Mining Slurry Pump Dimensional Drawing

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