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Dredge Pump Parts

    Dredge Pump Parts programme consists of:
    • Conventional dredge pumps
    • High-efficiency dredge pumps
    • CSD dredge pumps
    • Custom-built dredge pumps

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Tobee® produces a wide range of Dredge Pump Parts that are long proven to be highly successful in the transportation of abrasive mixtures. All dredge pump parts can be equipped with the latest OEM and Reverse Engineering technology.

Dredge Pumps are the most popular dredger pumps on the dredging market due to excellent wear life almost without reducing efficiency during the wear cycle.

Dredge pumps lie at the heart of the dredging challenge. Their power, capacity, resistance to wear and malfunction, and general robust and reliable character are essential features. Dredge Pump Parts & Services produces a wide range of centrifugal dredge pumps which are long proven to be highly successful in the transport of abrasive mixtures.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Reverse Engineering with performance curves and original drawings, we know the exacting tolerances and engineering standards required to build and maintain the dredge pumps, and the replacement parts, we manufactured dredge pump parts are identical to original dredge pumps.

The Dredge Pump Parts & Services programme consists of:
• Conventional dredge pumps
• High-efficiency dredge pumps
• CutterSpecial dredge pumps
• Custom-built dredge pumps

Dredge pump parts can be delivered in three different configurations:
Heavy Duty; a double-walled dredge pump construction fully equipped with interchangeable wear parts. Excellent configuration for the most demanding operations.
Performance; a single-walled construction furnished with, where possible, replaceable wear parts. An all-purpose dredge pump and balanced option as regards weight, size and replaceable wear parts.
Easy; for operations that are less demanding. This is a single-walled construction without any replaceable wear parts - a pump construction with as few components as possible.

The Spare Parts for Different Dredge Pump types:

Conventional Dredge Pumps
The conventional dredge pump has a robust and proven design. For decades it has been used successfully on many dredgers in all circumstances. The conventional series has good suction properties combined with good ball passage. It is the classic and simplest design of dredge pumps delivered by Tobee Pump.

High-efficiency Dredge Pumps
The high-efficiency dredge pump design has been optimised to upgrade dredge pump production and suction characteristics, and reduce wear, though this requires a higher investment than in the case of conventional dredge pumps. Even a marginal improvement in dredge pump efficiency creates a huge multiplier effect on improving the cost-effectiveness of production and reducing the length of the dredge cycle.

CutterSpecial Dredge Pumps
The CutterSpecial dredge pump is developed specifically for use on cutter suction dredgers. The enlarged width of passage of the dredge pump allows the dredger to dredge pump rocks and bigger stones. The relatively large diameter of the impeller means that the CSD delivers high efficiency and high suction capacity. The accessibility needed for maintenance work has been maintained. When dredging rocks, the special characteristics of the dredge pump result in an increase in the number of working hours and increased production levels.

Custom-built Dredge Pumps
The above mentioned conventional, high efficiency or CSD dredge pump types of Dredge Pump Parts & Services are applicable in most of the common dredging situations. However, sometimes specific designs are required that are completly tailored to the respective situation. Dredge Parts & Services designs and produces custom-built pumps for every dredging challenge.

Onboard or Submerged Dredge Pumps
Dredge pumps can either be installed onboard of the dredging vessels or in the suction pipe or cutter ladder as submerged pump.
Onboard dredge pumps are the primary power source for transporting the mixture to the hopper or discharge location. The dredge pumps are also essential for mixture transport in stationary dredgers and at pipeline booster stations.
Submerged dredge pumps are single-walled conventional and high performance types, complete with drive, support and control systems. They can respond to a wide range of operational requirements. Each offers benefits according to dredging materials, circumstances, and weight and space limitations.

The material to be dredged is almost always abrasive, sometimes to extremes. The threat of wear does not so much lie in the direct cost of an item to be replaced, but in the resulting downtime due to installation, in the case of both larger and smaller vessels. An installation which is not working while undergoing maintenance or repair can cost many times more than a worn part. Therefore dredge pump casings, dredge pump impellers and dredge pump wear plates are available in extremely wear-resistant materials.

As far as we know, dredge pumps are kept on improving over the years, so finding new replacement parts may be a difficult thing, tight cooperation with our customers gives us impetus and ability to develop latest products, You can provide the dredge pump drawings, Then we can manufacture the parts strictly according to drawing requirements, and we are able to make dredge pump replacement parts according to samples even if no drawings. All dredge pump parts manufactured from Tobee is very competitive costs.

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