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Polyurethane Slurry Pump Parts

    Base: U-steel
    Bearing: ZWZ, SKF, NSK, TIMKEN
    Shaft: 40CrMo, SS316L
    Mechanical seal: Burgmann
    Packing seal: Asbestos fibers+mica, PTFE
    Expeller seal: High chrome
    Casing: HT250, QT500, Stanless Steel, Chrome alloy etc
    Wetted parts: High chrome, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic etc

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  • Product Description

Polyurethane Slurry Pump Parts including: Polyurethane impellers, polyurethane throatbush, polyurethane cover plate liners, polyurethane frame plate liners, polyurethane frame plate liner insert.

Polyurethane Slurry Pump Impeller design is crucial as it influences flow patterns and ultimately, wear rates throughout the slurry pump. The number of impeller vanes usually varies between three and six depending on the size of the particles in the slurry.

Most slurry pump casings are “slower” than Water pump casings, primarily to reduce wear though lower internal velocities. Slurry Pump Parts including many types. Such as Slurry Pump Polyurethane Throatbush and Slurry Pump Polyurethane Back Liners, which replaceable with standard metal and rubber liners.

Polyurethane Slurry Pump Parts and Spares Features:

• Polyurethane slurry pump spares using high-quality wear-resistant polyurethane material using a mold casting molding.
• Polyurethane slurry pump spare parts with rubber and other materials are unable to match the wear resistance and tear resistance.
• Polyurethane slurry pump spare parts acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant, can be used in a variety of slurry and corrosive slurry.
• Polyurethane slurry pump spare parts wear and tear, the use of no noise.
• Polyurethane slurry pump spares friction coefficient is small, running resistance is small, high transport efficiency.
• Polyurethane slurry pump spares light weight, convenient transportation, and replacement.

Polyurethance Slurry Pump Spare Parts:

Pump ModelPart CodePart NameMaterial
1.5/1B-AHImpellerB1052Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerB1017 / B1017TL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerB1036 / B1036TL1 / B1036HS1Polyurethane, Rubber
2/1.5B-AHImpellerB15127Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerB15017 / B15017TL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerB15036 / B15036TL1 / B15036HS1Polyurethane, Rubber
3/2C-AHImpellerC2127 / C2147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerC2017 / C2017 TL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerC2036 / C2036TL1 / C2036HS1Polyurethane, Rubber
4/3D-AHImpellerD3147 /D3045EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerD3017 / D3017TL1 / D3017EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerD3036 / D3036TL1 / D3036HS1 / D3036EPPolyurethane, Rubber
6/4D-AHImpellerE4147 / E4045EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerE4018 / E4018TL1 / E4018EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerE4036 / E4036TL1 /E4036HS1 / E4036EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushE4083 / E4083EPPolyurethane, Rubber
8/6E-AHImpellerF6147 /F6145EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerF6018 / F6018TL1 / F6018EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerF6036 / F6036TL1 / F6036HS1 / F6036EPPolyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushF6083 / F6083EPPolyurethane, Rubber
10/8E-MImpellerF8147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerF8018 / F8018TL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerF8036 / F8036TL1 / F8036HS1Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushF8083Polyurethane, Rubber
10/8F-AHImpellerG8147 / FAM8147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerG8018 / G8018TL1 / G8018SRTL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerG8036 / G036TL1 / G8036TL1HS1Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushG8083Polyurethane, Rubber
12/10ST-AHImpellerG10147 / FAM10147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerG10018 / G10018TL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerG10036 / G10036TL1 / G10036HS1Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushG10083Polyurethane, Rubber
14/12ST-AHImpellerG12147 / FAM12147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerG12018 / G12018TL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerG12043 / G12043TL1Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushG12083Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate liner insertG12041 / G12041HS1Polyurethane, Rubber
16/14TU-AHImpellerGAM14147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerH14018Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerH14043Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushH14083Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate liner insertH14041Polyurethane, Rubber
20/18TU-AHImpellerU18018Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerU18043Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerU18083Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushU18041Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate liner insertU18018Polyurethane, Rubber
300S-LImpellerRSL30147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerRSL30018Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerRSL30036Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushRSL30083Polyurethane, Rubber
350S-LImpellerSL35147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerS35018Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerS35043Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushS35083Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate liner insertS35041Polyurethane, Rubber
400ST-LImpellerSTL40147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerTL40018Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerTL40043Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushTL40083Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate liner insertTL40041Polyurethane, Rubber
450ST-LImpellerSTL45147Polyurethane, Rubber
Cover plate linerTL45018Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerTL45043Polyurethane, Rubber
Throat bushTL45083Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate liner insertTL45041Polyurethane, Rubber
600GSLCover plate linerGSL60018Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerGSL60043Polyurethane, Rubber
800GSLCover plate linerGSL80018Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate linerGSL80043Polyurethane, Rubber
Frame plate liner insertGSL80041Polyurethane, Rubber

The Applications of Polyurethane Slurry Pump Parts and Spares:

Polyurethane slurry pump parts and spares are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical and other industrial industries, suitable for processing concentrates and tailings, in addition to ash, coal preparation plant coal, and heavy medium coal, The sand is a corrosive slurry containing solid particles such as mortar.

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