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OEM Slurry Pump Spares

    Base: U-steel
    Bearing: ZWZ, SKF, NSK, TIMKEN
    Shaft: 40CrMo, SS316L
    Mechanical seal: Burgmann
    Packing seal: Asbestos fibers+mica, PTFE
    Expeller seal: High chrome
    Casing: HT250, QT500, Stanless Steel, Chrome alloy etc
    Wetted parts: High chrome, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic etc

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  • Product Description

Replicating spare parts for slurry pumps is a serious issue in the mining industry, for both solution providers and the mine operators who utilise them. As commodity prices continue to drop, mining operators are under intense pressure to minimise operational costs. As a result, initial costs are often more important than total ownership costs, making non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts more appealable.

It is widely recognised within the industry that replicator parts host significant advantages, Slurry pump parts are the most popular wear parts in the mining, spare parts for Slurry pumps consist mainly of impellers, liners, casings, plates, seals, shaft sleeves, and etc.. A good number of Tobee’s customers use slurry pumps, in dealing with the OEM, customers are constantly faced with high costs, slow delivery times and little to no customer service, so we started to supply Slurry pump replacement parts that are fully interchangeable with original parts.

But Non-OEM parts are notorious for their unreliability, and often decrease plant productivity, but why do they have this reputation? To answer this question, it is important for end-users to truly understand how replicators operate and their processes.

Slurry Pump Spares

Reverse Engineering
Most replicators produce their spare parts through the process of ‘reverse engineering’. They will often purchase or obtain a genuine spare part and take measurements to reconstruct a component drawing from which tooling, moulds, patterns and so forth, will be made. There are three significant deficiencies in this process: the absence of knowledge of optimum tolerances, material properties and methods of manufacture. “Our engineering experts at Tobee Pump understand our slurry pumps and possess superior technical knowledge on how they operate.

Defining Materials
The next challenging task replicators face is creating the right materials for the slurry pump. Slurry pump wear spares are made from a range of materials, specially developed for the application. Replicating slurry pump materials, from just a sample of materials, is very difficult.

Tolerance is defined as the amount a dimension or feature of a component is allowed to deviate from the nominal. When replicators produce non-OEM spares the control of the finished product dimensions is very tight to ensure interchangeability of parts.

Methods The manufacturing methods and processes used by OEMs have been developed over many years using expert engineering solutions. OEMs know their products inside out; they know what works and continuously make advancements to improve their technology.

At Tobee, we often take samples of the worn parts and send this to our experts in the materials laboratory to analyse. Proper examination of the worn parts’ physical characteristics, by the people who know the design and manufacturing process of the slurry pump, can reveal the root cause of the wearing, and allows us to engineer the correct solutions specific to the application.

The OEM Slurry pump parts from Tobee are better than others on the market, because we are a professional slurry pump spares manufacturer, we know the exacting tolerances and engineering standards required to build and the maintain these pumps, and the slurry pump replacement spares we supply are identical to the parts of our slurry pumps.

As far as we know, Slurry pumps are kept on improving over the years, so finding new replacement spares may be a difficult thing, tight cooperation with our customers gives us impetus and ability to develop latest products, now we can supply a great many replacement parts for Slurry pumps, and we are able to make Slurry pump replacement spares according to samples even if no drawings.

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