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Marine Dredge Pump Parts

    OEM Dredge Pump Parts:
    Pump casings / Pump Shell
    Pump cover
    Suction mouth
    Wear plate suction side
    Wear plate shaft side
    Bearing Support

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  • Product Description

Tobee® produces a wide range of Marine Dredge Pump Parts, As a professional Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with Reverse Engineering technology in North of China, we know the exacting tolerances and engineering standards required to build and maintain the parts for Marine Dredge Pumps, and All replacement dredge pump parts are identical to Marine Dredge Pumps.

Tobee® offers Marine dredge pump parts with competitive prices, high quality, efficient and cost-effective delivery and short response times. With our years of OEM dredge pump parts experience we have established strong manufacturing power and an extensive dredge pump parts. we are able to shorten our response times. To minimise lifecycle costs and to improve a dredge pump performance, it’s crucial to have the right pump spare parts with lower costs.

Marine highly efficient dredge pumps are fitted out with a maintenance and environment-friendly mechanical seal. These special shaft seals do not require grease or gland water, so minimise service downtime. Existing dredge pumps can be retrofitted with this ecologically-sound alternative. High efficiency Marine dredge pumps are available for both in board and submersed use. The wear resistant dredging pumps can be used for barge loading, dredging, mining and discharging. Easy installation and practical maintenance is assured due to the mechanical shaft seal.

Marine Dredge Pump Parts Design:
· All wear resistant cast dredge pump parts are easily replaceable
· High efficiency due to CFX modeled double curved impeller vanes
· Mechanical shaft seal does not require grease nor gland water

The Marine Dredge Pump replacement parts from Tobee are better than others on the market, because we are a professional Dredge pump parts manufacturer, we know the exacting tolerances and engineering standards required to build and the maintain the Marine Dredge pumps, and the Dredge pump parts we manufactured are identical to original Marine dredge pumps.

As far as we know, The original marine pump parts are very expensive, So the OEM dredge pump parts is a good solutions for the every users, Tobee can manufacture the marine dredge pump parts strictly according to the drawings, and we are able to manufacture the marine dredge pump parts according to samples even if no drawings. All marine dredge pump parts manufactured from Tobee will be very competitive.

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