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Slurry Pump Throatbush


    Materials: High chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic etc
    Replaced model: Tobee TH(R), THH, TL(R), » AH(R), HH, L(R),etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® Slurry Pump Throatbush is interchangeable with AH/HH/L/M slurry pump troatbush, It links plate liner and forms a Pump chamber to work with impeller, as one of wetted parts for the slurry pump, Its wear-resistance is very important to pump worklife.Tobee pump offers Cr27Mo high chrome alloy which is high abrasion resistance, and maintenance simplified by the use of tapered mating faces to allow positive accurate alignment during assembly and simple removal.

Slurry Pump Components Drawing:

Slurry Pump Components Drawing

Tobee® Slurry Pump Materials Description and Peformance:







27% High chrome alloy


Erosion resistance is marginally lower than T07 and has corrosion resistance.

Used for high wear applications with a slurry pH between 5 and 12.


15% High chrome alloy


Excellent erosion resistance and has higher wear resistance than T05

Mining pumps ideal for high impact and high pressure applications, such as pumping slurries with sharp, hard, and coarse solids at high flow rate.


30% Ultra chrome alloy


With abrasion resistance better than T05 and T07.

Suitable for highly abrasive pumping applications.


35% Hyper chrome alloy


This material has erosive and corrosive resistance in low pH applications. Its abrasion resistance is higher than that of M49.

The material can be used to transport oxygenated slurries with pH of not less than 1 such as phosphor-plaster, nitric acid, vitriol, phosphate etc


29% High chrome alloy


With a certain degree of scour resistance and good corrosion resistance under low pH conditions. Its abrasion resistance is higher than T05.

Particularly suitable for use in flue gas desulphurization as well as mild acid applications with pH value no less than 4.


Natural Rubber


High resistance to abrasion and corrosion

An optimal choice for conveying acid slurry and slurry with fine granular particles at ambient temperature.


Butyl Rubber


Resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and high temperature

Ideal for transporting acid slurry and slurry with fine solid particles at temperatures between 60 and120.


Hypalon Rubber

Ultra-high resistance to corrosion and high temperature

Suitable for pumping strong acids and alkalis with temperatures above 100.



Shore A10-D80   

PU01 is an erosion resistant material that performs well in elastomer applications where 'tramp' is a problem.

Suitable for pumping high abrasion with high corrosion medium.

Interchangeable Slurry Pump Throatbush Code:

Throatbush CodeTobee TH Slurry Pump AH Slurry PumpMaterials
E4083TH6/4D, TH6/4E6/4D-AH, 6/4E-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
F6083TH8/6E, TH8/6F8/6E-AH, 8/6F-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
G8083TH10/8F, TH10/8ST10/8F-AH, 10/8ST-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
G10083TH12/10ST12/10ST-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
G12083TH14/12ST14/12ST-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
H14083TH16/14TU16/14TU-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
Throatbush CodeTobee THH Slurry Pump HH Slurry PumpMaterials
DH2083THH3/2D3/2D-HHHigh chrome, Polyurethane
DH3083THH4/3D4/3E-HHHigh chrome, Polyurethane
FH4083THH6/4F6/4F-HHHigh chrome, Polyurethane
Throatbush CodeTobee TG(H) Gravel Pump G(H) Gravel PumpMaterials
GG1412013-1TGH12/10G12/10G-GHigh chrome
GGH10013TGH12/10G12/10G-GHHigh chrome
FGH8013TGH10/8S10/8S-GHHigh chrome
HG14130MTGH16/14TU16/14TU-GHHigh chrome

Range of Applications of Slurry Pumps:

Tobee TL Light Duty Slurry Pump Application.jpg

• Mining
• Mineral processing
• Construction
• Chemical and Fertilization
• Power generation
• Phosphate matrix fertilization
• Paper mill wastes and liquors
• Precipitated CaCO3
• Plaster
• Bottom/fly ash, lime grinding
• Pulp and paper
• Oil and gas
• Waste water treatment
• Dirty water
• Waste sludge
• Ball mill discharge
• Rod mill discharge
• SAG mill discharge
• Fine tailings
• Flotation
• Heavy media process
• Minerals concentrate
• Mineral sands
• Coal-washing plant
• Coarse sand
• Coarse tailings
• Dredging
• Wet crushers aplications
• Wet scrubber systems
• Process chemical
• Iron and Steel
• Ni acid slurry
• Fracking slurries
• Clay and sand slurries
• Kaolin clay
• Carbon slurry
• Lime mud
• Oil sands
• Phosphoric acid
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