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Slurry Pump FPL Insert


    Materials: High chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic etc
    Part code: 041
    Replaced model: Tobee TH(R), THH, TL(R), TP(R). Warman AH(R), HH, L(R), SP(R) etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® Slurry Pump Frame plate liner insert is wear parts for slurry pumps, It is also called for slurry pump back liner based on locating position in slurry pump structure, Frame plate liner insert forms a pump chamber with throat bush and volute liner where the slurry would flow through them, Tobee offers high chrome, natural rubber and polyurethane materials for different working condition.

Slurry Pump Components Drawing:

Slurry Pump Components Drawing

Interchangeable Slurry Pump Frame Plate Liner Insert Code:

FPL InsertTobee TH Slurry PumpWarman AH Slurry PumpMaterials
B1041TH1.5/1B1.5/1B-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
B15041TH2/1.5B2/1.5B-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
C2041TH3/2C3/2C-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
D3041TH4/3C, TH4/3D4/3C-AH, 4/3D-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
E4041TH6/4D, TH6/4E6/4D-AH, 6/4E-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
F6041TH8/6E, 8/6F, TH8/6R8/6E-AH, 8/6F-AH, 8/6R-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
G8041TH10/8ST10/8ST-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
G10041TH12/10ST12/10ST-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
G12041TH14/12F, TH14/12ST14/12F-AH,14/12ST-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
H14041TH16/14TU16/14TU-AHHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
FPL InsertTobee THH Slurry PumpWarman HH Slurry PumpMaterials
CH1041THH1.5/1C1.5/1C-HHHigh chrome, Polyurethane
DH2041THH3/2D3/2D-HHHigh chrome, Polyurethane
EH3041THH4/3E4/3E-HHHigh chrome, Polyurethane
FH4041THH6/4F6/4F-HHHigh chrome, Polyurethane
FH6041THH6S, THH8/6S6S-H, 8/6S-HHigh chrome, Polyurethane
FPL InsertTobee TL Slurry PumpWarman L Slurry PumpMaterials
175041TL20A20A-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
32056TL50B50B-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
43041TL75C75C-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
64041TL100D100D-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
86041TL150E150E-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
108041TL200E200E-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
SL30041TL300S300S-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
SL35041TL350S350S-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
STL40041TL400ST400ST-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
STL45041TL450ST450ST-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
TUL55041TL550TU550TU-LHigh chrome, Natural rubber
FPL InsertTobee TG(H) Gravel PumpWarman G(H) Gravel PumpMaterials
DG4041TG6/4D, TG6/4E6/4D-G, 6/4E-GHigh chrome
EG6041TG8/6E8/6E-GHigh chrome
FG8041TG10/8F, TG10/8S10/8F-G, 10/8S-GHigh chrome
FG10041TG12/10G12/10G-GHigh chrome
GG12041TG14/12G14/12G-GHigh chrome
FGH8041TGH10/8F10/8F-GHHigh chrome
SGGH10041TGH12/10G12/10G-GHHigh chrome
TG14041TGH16/14TU16/14TU-GHHigh chrome
FPL InsertTobee TP Vertical Slurry Pump Warman SP Vertical Slurry Pump Materials
SP4041TP40PV40PV-SPHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
SP65041TP65QV65QV-SPHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
SP10041TP100RV100RV-SPHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
SP15041TP150SV150SV-SPHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
SP20041TP200SV200SV-SPHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
SP25041TP250SV250TV-SPHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane
SP30041TP300TV300TV-SPHigh chrome, Natural rubber, Polyurethane

Tobee® Slurry Pump Main Parts Materials Standard:

Part NamePart CodeStandard

Bearing Assembly


Frame Plate & Cover Plate

HT200, HT250GB9439-88
QT450-10, QT500-7GB1348-88
ZG230-450, ZG270-500GBT11352-89


Volute Liner


Plate Liner Insert

High Chrome AlloyGB8263-87
Ultra Chrome AlloyGB8263-87
Extra Chrome AlloyGB8263-87
Hyper Chrome AlloyGB8263-87


Expeller Ring

HT200, HT250GB9439-88
QT450-10, QT500-7GB1348-88
Anti-corrosive Stainless SteelGB2100-80
High Chrome AlloyGB8263087
Shaft45# SteelGB699-88
Shaft Sleeve45# Steel Coated ChromeGB699-88

Tobee® Slurry Pumps After-sales Service:

As the slurry pump wet ends parts such as the impeller, volute liner, FPL insert, Throat bush, shaft sleeve are consumption parts and we could provide you always the qualified slurry pump parts within very short time.

Packing Transport Services
Considering the order pump size and we could provide case or pallet as per your need to make sure it safe enough during the long distance road and ocean shipping. having own export company and so we could help you find the best ocean shipping solution and service for you from the goods out of factory to your destination.

Installation Services
Tobee Pump have more than 30 years experienced pump installation workers and are very aware of any onside application. We could provide abroad pump installation service and expect pump manufacturing and sales,abroad pump installation is getting more and more popular by our regular clients abroad.

Technical Support Services
Technical data sheet, Performance curve, General arrangement drawing, Operating manual will be sent within 24th for your checking, So Pls feel free to contact us If you have any need.

Tobee® Slurry Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee Slurry Pump On-site Applications


Mining & Mineral Processing
The slow running speeds of the Tobee TH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump, together with the comprehensive choice of abrasion resistant alloys and elastomers, provide unrivalled performance and service life for all abrasive mining and minerals processing applications.

Chemical Process
The interchangeability of alloy and elastomer components in the same pump casing, together with a wide range of mechanical seals, make the Tobee TH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump the most flexible choice for the chemical plant environment.

Sand & Gravel
Designed for easy and simple strip down and re-assembly, the Tobee TH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump minimises downtime, making it the ideal choice where installed stand by pumps are not available.

Sugar Processing
The premium reliability and service life of the Tobee TH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump is specified by many sugar plant engineers worldwide where uninterrupted pump operation during the sugar campaign is a critical requirement.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation
The new generation of specially formulated abrasion and corrosion resistant alloys, together with the very latest elastomer technology, positions Tobee Pumps firmly as a major supplier of pumps to the FGD industry.

Oil & Gas Exploration
Over a number of years we have developed the proven design of the Tobee TH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump ranges to suit the specific demands of offshore applications. We can now offer the most reliable top side solution to erosive wear.

Industrial Applications
Wherever abrasive solids are causing premature failure of pumps, the Tobee TH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump range has the right combination of performance, wear life and reliability to bring the customer the lowest cost of ownership.

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