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Mission XP Pump Parts

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Mission Magnum XP Blender Pump is ideally suited for pumping high volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive, corrosive, and difficult to pump. The compact overall dimensions make it an excellent choice for high volume mobile and stationary applications where a small footprint is critical. High chrome alloy or hard iron material options for different applications.

Mission Magnum XP Blender Pumps Main Parts:

• Heavy Duty Pedestal - heavy duty frames are manufactured from cast iron for high strength and durability to withstand high piping loads.
• Casing - The Mission XP blender pump has been beefed up in critical wear areas for extra life. The concentric housing eliminates vibration, turbulence, cavitation, and reduces bearing load and shaft deflection.
• Impeller (Open Vane Design) - Mission XP pump open vane impeller design is engineered to reduce turbulence, eliminate recirculation, lower radial and thrust loads, and provide a smooth flow of fluid through the pump.
• Wear Plates - The Mission XP pump casing comes with replaceable wear plates. This feature reduces the maintenance costs of housing replacement by merely replacing the wear plates.
• Shearing Ring- Mission XP pump offers a shearing ring option to convert a regular centrifugal pump to a shearing pump for special mud applications.
• Mechanical Seals - Mission XP pump takes pride in carrying one of the finest mechanical seals on the market, whether it be Tungsten-Tungsten, Tungsten-Silicone, or Silicone-Carbide. They come with a highly polished sealing faced and with piton bellows and stainless steel springs.
• Pump Bearings - Mission XP pump uses nothing but the best and the finest bearings in its pumps. The outboard bearing assembly consists of a pair of angular contact bearings with high thrust load ratings and zero end play. The heavy duty inboard bearing is a double row ball bearing with high radial load ratings to compensate for the larger size impellers and heavy duty applications.
Labyrinth Seals (optional) - Mission XP pump installs labyrinth seals by customer request in all its pumps to isolate the bearings from harmful contaminants while keeping bearings lubricated.

Mission XP Blender Pumps Part List:

Mission 14x12x22 Blender Pump Parts

Mssion Magnum XP Parts List - 1
Item #DescriptionQty.Base Part NumberProcessing Number
1Casing, 14X12X22124022-01-30A651120206

Casing, 12x10x23

Casing, 8x6x18
2Nut, Casing323932-61648402014
3Stud, Casing (14X12 & 12X10)323862-86658403308

Stud, Casing (8X6)163862-90601208285

Stud, Casing (8X6)163862-92648401118
4Gasket, Casing (14x12x22)210399-55-01658410501

Gasket, Casing (12x10x23)

Gasket, Casing (8x6x18)
5Cover, Front (14x12x22)124021-01-30654310309

Cover, Front (12x10x23)

Cover, Front (8x6x18)
6Impeller, 14x12 Clockwise Rot. 22”124024-X0-HS662005003

Impeller, 12x10 Clockwise Rot. 23”

Impeller, 8x6 Clockwise Rot. 18”
7Seal, Impeller Nose17496-158658408109
8Key, Impeller14372-29-21658405006
9Nose, Impeller ( Hex Design)124025-04-25L652309601

Nose, Impeller (Two Flat Design)

Nose, Impeller (2 Flat Ion Nitride)
10Screw, Set114430-19658411400
11Jam Nut124026-25L658414255
12Seal, Impeller17496-153658408059
13Mechanical Seal (Crane Type)124036658416102
14Stuffing Box, Mech. Seal (14X12)124027-01-30653322305

Stuffing Box, Mech. Seal (12X10)

Stuffing Box, Mech. Seal (8X6)
15Bolt, Stuffing Box23861-117648401016
16Sleeve, Shaft124029-21BZ656422201
17Seal, Sleeve17496-234658408505
19Seal, Slinger17496-238P658408554
21Oil Seal, Inboard Bearing220619-03658413604
21Bearing, Inboard120615-2658413000
22Frame 14X12124031-01-01654312008

Frame 12X10

Frame 8X6
23Housing, Bearing124032-01-01654313006
24Seal, Bearing Housing17496-272658408901

Mssion Magnum XP Parts List - 2
Item #DescriptionQty.Base Part NumberProcessing Number
25Bearing, Outboard (14X12 )120616-2658413307

Bearing, Outboard (12X10 & 8X6)2
26Seal, Bearing Cover17496-267658408802
27Lock Washer1Jun-24658407002
28Lock Nut, Bearing1Jun-23658406509
29Oil Seal, Bearing Cover220619-04658413638
30Drive Screws612530601482417
33Key, Coupling14372-30-21658405055
34Cover, Bearing O.B.124033-01-01654314004
35Bolts, Bearing Cover23861-139648401081
36Washer, Bearing Cover23936-19-L8648402030
37Nuts, Bearing Housing23932-62658404702
38Bolt, Bearing Housing43861-138648401057
39Washer, Flat23936-19-L8648402030
40Bolt, Packing Gland23861-165601408289
41Gland, Packing Half224034-01-13654315100
42Packing Set18264-344-K658409503
43Screw, Cap23909-04-87658404207
44Plug, Grease1Jan-05601474695
46Plug, Fitting119368661010020
58Plug, Pipe22002/1/5658409859
59Plug, Pipe12006/1/5658410006
60Tag, Mechanical Seal122566603445727
Packed Split-Box and Wearplate
47Wearplate, Split Box124023-01-XX654310507
48Packing Set18264-345-K658409552
49Nut and Washer Assembly222216-02658413935
50Bolt, Split-Box23861-1681/2-13x4 lg Gr 5
51Stuffing Box, Split224037-01-87654317007
52Latern Ring Half224039-13658418207
53Fitting, Grease119368-01601499403
54Screw, Cap23909-13-87658404405
Auxiliary Tools
55Tool, Impeller Nose & Nut124040658420203

Tool, Impeller Nose (HEX)
Standard Hex Socket
56Tool, Impeller Removal124041658420252
57Tool, Shaft Holder124042658420302

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