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Gold Mining Flotation Process

Pump Location: Outdoors/1,555m.a.s.l
Quantity:3 (2 operating/1 standby)

Total Dynamic Head(slurry):21m
NPSH vailable(slurry):
Service: Continuous(24hr/day)
Speed Control: Yes
Type of Speed Control

Slurry Data
Froth Factor: 1.0
S.G solids: 2.78
Concentrate Weight(cw): 54.5
S.G Slurry: 1.54
Abrasive Characteristics: Abrasive 110
Temperature: 18-25℃
PH(slurry): 10-11
Viscosity: 10cP

Model: TF3QV
Size: 6"x3"
Capacity: 120.2m3/h
Head: 21m
Speed: 1400rpm
Material: T05 High chrome alloy
Matching motor: ABB 22kw(440v,60Hz,IP55,3P,1776rpm)
Driven type: BD(Belt Driven)
Control system: VFD

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