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TFP Low Pulse Fan Pump


    Size: 150-500mm
    Capacity: 160-2000m3/h
    Head: 14-40m
    Concentration: ≤1%
    Temperature: ≤ 80℃
    Materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, Duplex stainless steel etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TFP Fan Pump also called low pulse paper pulp pump, It is a new pump type for paper making industry with advatages of high efficiency, low pulse and high dependability. It is used for transporting the paper pulp concentration ≤1% in medium-high speed paper making machine for supplying pulp system.

Design Features:

1. Double Suction, high efficiency, low pulse closed Impeller design.
2. Split Case Structure, easy to install and maintain.
3. Especially for the supplying paper pulp system of medium-high speed paper making machine
4. Oil Lubrucation,running stable,long service life.
5. Packing seal and mechnical seal for options
6. High abrasive and corrosive materials are available for various paper pulp.

Tobee® TFP Fan Pump Peformance Parameter:

ModelCapacity Q (m3/h)Head H (m)



Speed N


Power P


Impeller dia.


Design pointRangeDesign pointRange
150TFP160-40160100-1904044~37.5 16145037372
200TFP200-14200120-2401416~13 20145015230
200TFP200-25200120-2402528~23 20145030297
200TFP200-40200120-2404044~37.5 20145045
200TFP400-14400240-4801416~13 40145030
200TFP400-25400240-4802528~23 40145045
200TFP400-40400240-4804044~37.5 40145075
250TFP500-14500300-6001416~13 50145030
250TFP500-25500300-6002528~23 50145055297
250TFP500-40500300-6004044~37.5 50145090
250TFP630-14630380-7501416~13 63145037
250TFP630-25630380-7502528~23 63145075
250TFP630-40630380-7504044~37.5 631450110
300TFP790-19790480-9501921~18 79145075304
300TFP800-14800480-9601416~13.5 80145045260
300TFP800-25800480-9602528~23.5 80145090
300TFP800-40800480-9604044~37.5 801450160
350TFP1000-141000600-12001416~13.5 10098055
350TFP1000-251000600-12002528~23.5 1001450110320
350TFP1000-401000600-12004044~37.5 1001450185
400TFP1250-141250750-15001416~13.5 12598075
400TFP1250-251250750-15002528~23.5 1251450132
400TFP1250-401250750-15004044~37.5 1251450220
450TFP1600-1416001000-19001416~13.5 16098090
450TFP1600-2516001000-19002528~23.5 160980185
450TFP1600-4016001000-19004044~37.5 160980280
500TFP2000-1420001200-24001416~13.5 200980110
500TFP2000-2520001200-24002528~23.5 200980220462

Tobee® TFP Fan Pump Structural Drawing:

Tobee TFP Fan Pump Structural Drawing

Tobee® TFP Fan Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee TFP Fan Pump On-site Applications

• Paper mills• Paper pulp• Mining water• Waste pulp
• Paper stock• Chemical slurries• Sugar refining• Cooling water
• Papermaking• Chemical industry• Food industry• Circulation water
• Water supply• Waste water treatment• Raw water• Sugar syrup
• Molasses• Drinking water• Filtrate• Other industries
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