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Slurry Pump Material Codes

May 28, 2019

Spare parts for Slurry Pumps mainly comprise Impellers, casing liners, Shaft Sleeves, Seals, Shaft seal parts, and Bearings. It is recommended that an appropriate number of each of these replacement parts be kept in stock as required to avoid disruption of slurry pump operation, depending on the estimated life of wear components.


Where a large number of Slurry Pumps are installed, it is recommended that a spare Bearing Assembly be held for every ten (or less) slurry pumps of the same size. This enables maintenance related slurry pump down-time to be minimised. Ideally Bearing Assembly replacement can be carried out during scheduled shut-downs for slurry pump wear part replacement. The worn Bearing Assembly may then be removed to a workshop, inspected, overhauled if required, and held ready for the next replacement.


This procedure minimises both damage resulting from component failure in operation, as well as process and slurry pump down-time associated with these unscheduled failures.

Slurry Pump Material Codes


W102   (A05A)

  W104 (A07)

  W106 (A12A)
  W153 (C21)
  W154 (C22)
  W155 (C23)
  W156 (C29)
  W158 (C55)
  W200 (D20)
  W201 (D23)

  W203 (D70)

  W250 (E02)
  W251 (E03)
  W252 (E05)
  W253 (E10)
  W255 (E32)

  W600 (E62)

  W601 (E65)

  W204 (G01)
  W205 (G02)

  W301 (K24)

  W303 (K31)

  W350 (N04)
  W351 (N05)
  W552 (P50A)
  W502 (Q05A)
  W400 (R00A)
  W401 (R08A)
  W402 (R10A)
  W403 (R11A)
  W406 (R24A)
  W406 (R26A)
  W443 (S12A)
  W444 (S18)
  W445 (S21A)
  W446 (S31A)
  W447 (S42A)
  W450 (S51A)
  W480 (U01A)
  W481 (U02A)
  W482 (U03A)
  W483 (U05A)
  W485 (U13A)
  W486 (U14)

  Hi-Chrome   27% Cr

  Type 15Cr3Mo

  Ultra-Resist (Erosion resistant White Iron)
  Ni-Cr-M0 Steel
  Acid-Resist (Duplex Stainless Cast Iron)
  420C Martensitic Stainless Steel
  304 Austenitic Stainless Steel
  316 Austenitic Stainless Steel
  904L Austenitic Stainless Steel
  Ferralium 255 Duplex Stainless Steel
  SG Cast Iron-400 MPa
  SG Cast Iron-700 MPa

  Zn plated D20

  Mild Steel
  Carbon Steel-500 MPa (CS1030)
  Carbon Steel-600 MPa (K1045)
  High Tensile Steel (Fasteners)
  C3 Cast Steel

  Zinc coated W250 (E02)

  Zinc coated W252 (E05)

  Grey Cast Iron-180 MPa
  Grey Cast Iron-260 MPa

  Phosphor Bronze

  85/5/5/5 Leaded Gunmetal

  Hastelloy C
  Hastelloy B
  Polyphenylene Sulphide
  Glass Fibre
  Sheet Rubber (40 IRHD)
  Std Impeller Rubber (55 IRHD)
  Natural Rubber-Hard (80 IRHD)
  Natural Rubber (70 IRHD)
  Anti Thermal Breakdown Rubber (50 IRHD)
  Standard Liner Rubber (44 IRHD)
  Standard Liner Rubber (43 IRHD)
  Standard Impeller Rubber (53 IRHD)
  Nitrile Rubber (60 IRHD)
  Nitrile Seal Rubber (80 IRHD)
  Butyl Rubber (60 IRHD)
  Hypalon Rubber (65 IRHD)
  Neoprene Rubber (50 IRHD)
  Viton (55 IRHD)
  Wear Resist Polyurethane (80° A)-Yellow
  Wear Resist Polyurethane (90° A)-Red
  Wear Resist Polyurethane (95° A)-Green
  Wear Resist Polyurethane (95° A)-Black
  Wear Resist Polyurethane (65° A)-Light Blue
  Wear Resist Polyurethane (55° A)-Brown
  SABS   1338
  BS 4844-1986
  SABS 1338
  BS 4844-1986

  Proprietary alloy

  Proprietary alloy
  ASTM A743M-92a
  ASTM A743M-92a

  ASTM A743M-92a

  Proprietary alloy
  SABS 936
  SABS 936
  SABS ISO 2081
  SABS ISO 3613, SABS 4520

  SABS 1431

  BS 970
  SABS 1700-7
  SABS 1465-3
  SABS ISO 2081
  SABS ISO 3613, SABS 4520
  SABS ISO 2081
  SABS ISO 3613, SABS 4520
  SABS 1034
  SABS 1034
  SABS 200
  BS 1400
  SABS 200
  BS 1400
  ASTM A494M-91a

  ASTM A494M-91a

  TBA 713L






  AISI 904L



  240 WA







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