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R55 Slurry Pump Rubber Parts Material

Sep 15, 2018

Profiled rubber parts

Along with the developments of slurry pump usage, Tobee® have been working for a new profile to the rubber parts. The new rubber parts have been thoroughly tested in the toughest slurry applications and have proven to outlast traditional designs achieved through redistributing and thickening liner material within the wear areas of the pump casing. The new liners, identified by TL1, are now available on pump sizes from 3/2 to 8/6, and will be extended through to the 16/14 size slurry pumps.

Materials technology - R55
To further assist one aspect of pump’s wear performance, the R 55 material has been introduced. R55 is a premium grade material for use in a high wear application. It is a black natural rubber, of low hardness and is used for pump liners and impellers, as well as cyclones. Superior physical properties give increased cut resistance to hard, sharp particle slurries, resulting in improved wear characteristics. It is particularly suitable for large particle erosive slurry applications such as mill discharge applications. Tests have consistently shown that wear life with R55 can be increased by as much as 50% over previous materials.

The R55 material has replaced our previous natural rubber grades such as R08A, R24, R26A, W411 and W413, brought about by progressive improvements in materials technology.

Tobee® owned standard rubber workshops of NC & Machining , Vulcanzing & Rubber Mixing, advanced testing lab, strictly QC team to guarantee  each  parts in  high  quality, Tobee® also accept kinds of OEM services to satisfy customers' demands.

Tobee® offer rubber materials in: Natural rubber R55, R08, R26, R33, S01(EPDM), S10(NBR), S21(Bromobutyl), S31(Hypalon), S42(Neoprene) etc as well as polyurethane.

Tobee® R55 Rubber Slurry Pump Parts:

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China Warman R55 Pump Parts

Warman Slurry Pump Rubber Parts

Warman Rubber Parts China

Warman 14x12 Rubber Impeller

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