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Slurry Pump Hi-Seal Expeller Parts

Sep 05, 2019

Nineteen years ago (1994) the Hi-seal™ expeller was designed with a larger diameter. The larger diameter enabled it to produce a slightly increased centrifugal force thereby a marginally higher head.

The larger diameter expeller was called a Hi-Seal™ expeller and a drawing from the IOM follows.

Warman Hi-seal Parts

From the published test data at the slurry pumps best efficiency point, when running at a typical 700rpm for an 8/6 pump in a severe duty, there was about a 6kPa improvement in the maximum allowable suction pressure (66kPa rather than 60kPa). With many applications having an SG of about 1.3, this equates to a suction tank being able to have a maximum tank level of about 5.2m with a conventional style expeller instead of 4.7m. At higher speeds the expeller and impeller create even more head, with even less noticeable difference between the two expeller styles.

Where the difference was noticeable is when the slurry pumps were operating well below the pumps design flow (at about 20% of BEP) where slurry pumps do not usually operate due to increased wear.

Tobee® Offer the Full Line of HS1 Replacement Parts: (Download: Slurry Pump HS1 Parts.pdf)

Pump Model
Part NameStandard Part CodeHS1 Part Code
Expeller RingB029A05B029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertB1041A05B1041HS1A05
Expeller RingB029A05B029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertB15041A05B15041HS1A05
Expeller RingC029A05C029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertC2041A05C2041HS1A05
Expeller RingCAM029A05CAM029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertD3041A05D3041HS1A05
Expeller RingD029A05D029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertD3041A05D3041HS1A05
Expeller RingDAM029A05DAM029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertE4041A05E4041HS1A05
Expeller RingE029A05E029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertE4041A05E4041HS1A05
Expeller RingEAM029A05EAM029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertF6041A05F6041HS1A05
Expeller RingF029A05F029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertF8041A05F8041HS1A05
Expeller RingG029A05G029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertG10041A05G10041HS1A05
Expeller RingG029A05G029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertG12041A05G12041HS1A05
Expeller RingH029A05H029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertH14041A05H14041HS1A05
Expeller RingH029A05H029HS1A05
Frame Plate Liner InsertH18041A05H18041HS1A05

Slurry Pump Hi-seal Parts:

Warman D029HS1A05

Warman Hi Seal Parts

Warman Parts D3041HS1A05

Warman Expeller D028HS1A05

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