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Slurry Pump Installation

May 14, 2020

Installing Slurry Pumps

Pump Speed Reduction

The impeller materials used for slurry pumps (High chrome, Natural rubber or Polyurethane) generally mean it is not feasible to reduce the impeller diameter to match the required duty point so that a slurry pump can be run at the motor synchronous speed.

Slurry pumps generally run at slow speeds and it often becomes necessary to reduce the pump speed to below nominal motor speed based on the number of poles in the motor. This is commonly achieved through a wedge belt drive for transmitted power up to 350kW, or through a gearbox.

Variable speed drives are common in mining applications to handle variations in process flow. However, consideration of starting torque requirements and other factors need to be considered when selecting the driver.

Horizontal Slurry Pump Installation

Horizontal Slurry Pump Installation

The mounting and installation of horizontal slurry pumps are generally subject to a number of considerations, including floor space, overhead space for lifting and the likelihood of flooding from spills. Pumps in critical services are often paired in duty/standby mode so that maintenance can be carried out on one pump while the other is running.

Large slurry pumps with high-energy motors - and perhaps with speed reduction gearboxes - would generally be mounted with the shaft axes in the same horizontal plane for ease of maintenance access.

A slurry pump with a belt drive may have the motor mounted beside it if there is sufficient floor space. However, if floor space is limited or there is a risk of flooding, the motor can be mounted above it either directly overhead (also known as “C drive”) or to its rear (reverse overhead mounting or “Z drive”).

Vertical Slurry Pump Installation

Vertical Slurry Pump Installation

Vertical cantilever shaft sump pumps should be selected so that the suction inlet is close to the sump floor. If shaft length is limited by the required running speed and power to be transmitted, a suction pipe (generally two meters long) may be fitted to the suction branch to ensure the sump can be emptied.

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