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Selecting the Appropriate Slurry Pump

Nov 09, 2020

Determine The Flow Rate
The flow rate can be evaluated in numerous ways, but is usually established by the volume of solids to be pumped and the proposed concentration of solids and liquid.

Determine The Static Head
The static head (vertical height on both the intake and discharge side of the slurry pump) must be established, and the difference calculated to determine the net static head to be overcome by the slurry pump.

Determine The Pump Head and Efficiency Corrections
The effect of the slurry on the slurry pump's performance must be determined, as well.
The items necessary to know are:
• the average particle size, d50, of the solids to be pumped (d50 is the theoretical screen size where 50% would pass and 50% would be retained),
• the concentration of solids in the liquid (% by volume),
• the specific gravity (SG) of the dry solids, and
• the pump impeller diameter.

Determine The Pipe Diameter
It is necessary to determine the pipe diameter that will be required to provide the optimum velocity to minimize friction while maintaining the solids in suspension (to prevent the solids from settling out of the flow).

Calculate The Friction Head Loss
The friction loss created by all the various elements of the slurry pump system must now be calculated.

Calculate The Total Dynamic Head
The total dynamic head can now be calculated.

Select Pump Type and Materials
Prior to the selection of a specific slurry pump size, it is necessary to determine the slurry pump type required and to establish the type of materials needed.

Slurry Pump Selection
A preliminary selection can now be made from the general selection chart for the various slurry pump types supplied by Tobee.
Once the preliminary selection is made, the individual performance curve can then be considered.

Determine The Pump Speed
The speed required can now be determined from the relevant performance curve.

Calculate The Required Power
The power required can now be calculated as above. This will also enable an appropriately sized motor to be selected.

Slurry Pump Performance Curve

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