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Hydraulic Dredge Pump with Cutterheads

Oct 09, 2021

Hydroman® THY Hydraulic Submersible Dredge pump is the hydraulic version of the very popular Submersible heavy duty submersible slurry pump with cutterheads. Ideal for applications were electric power is not available or variable speed is needed for the application. It is the choice of industries that face the most difficult pumping. Used in sewage bypass, lime slurries, mill scale, coal runoff sumps, wash down sumps, ash transfer, tailings ponds, slag pits, food wastes, silt removal, sand & gravel dewatering, barge & tank cleanout.

THY Hydraulic Submersible Dredge Pump Features:

• Ultrachrome® A05 chrome alloy casting for high wear resistance
• Hydraulic motor sizing available to handle a range of high density liquids
• High solids handling capability
• Bespoke suction strainer to prevent clogging in applications where very large solids are present
• Capable of pumping up to 3500m3/h, up to 72m head
• Quick-hitch plate attachment available for ease of removal and installation on hydraulic excavators

Hydroman Hydraulic Dredge Pump Photos:

Hydraulic Dredge Pump

Hydraulic Submersible Dredge Pump

Excavator Dredge Pump

Hydraulic Submersible Dredge Pump

Hydraulic Dredging Sand Pump

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