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High Temperature Molten Salt Pump

Nov 08, 2021

Tobee® TY100-250 High Temperature Vertical Molten Salt Pump with 1.5m submerged length is ready for shipping. This Molten Salt Pump is made from heat resisting cast steel, The Molten Salt is Pottassium nitrate + Sodium nitrate + Sodium nitrite with 400 deg C @ 1790 kg/m3.

High Pressure Vertical Molten Salt Pump has been specifically designed for use in Concentrated Power Plants (CSP) plants that have a power tower and high pressure energy collection system. It is made to handle the numerous challenges associated with high pressure and high temperature pumping.

Designed Features:
• Low NPSH first stage
• Protective thermal barrier
• Non-contacting shaft seal
• Close clearance engineered wear rings
• Water or air-cooled thrust bearings available
• Low NPSH first stage maximizes salt storage potential
• Careful selection of materials - based on operating temperature - ensures trouble free running
• Specifically designed for molten salt applications for maximum reliability   

Vertical Molten Salt Pump Applications:
• Concentrated Solar Power Systems 
• Collector feed pumps
• Steam generator feed pumps
• Circulator pumps

Tobee® Vertical Molten Salt Pump Photos:

Vertical Molten Salt Pump

Vertical Molten Salt Pump (1).jpg

High Temperature Molten Salt Pump

Vertical Spindle Molten Salt Pump

China High Temperature Vertical Molten Salt Pump

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