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Advantages of Using Reducing Hoses for Slurry Pump Suction and Discharge

Mar 24, 2020
In just about every wet mineral processing application there is a requirement for slurry pumps. These pumps are designed to transport abrasive high-density slurries in many different applications. An issue that arises during this process is wear on all parts associated with the slurry pumps themselves, including the suction/intake and discharge spools.

During the slurry pump operation, the slurry pump impeller and inside of the slurry pump casing are always exposed to the slurry itself and have to be protected accordingly; this also needs to be taken into consideration with the adjoining suction/intake and discharge spools.

When people think of rubber mining hose they generally only think of long straight lengths of hose. However, at Beaver Process Equipment we manufacture a range of concentric and eccentric reducing hoses, designed to absorb the transmitted noise and vibration between slurry pumps.

These reducing hoses are an economical means to reduce the diameter of a pipe and provide a smooth transition of flow between the slurry pump intake, discharge spools and the adjoining pipework. Custom designed reducing hoses are manufactured with integral flange options which bolt directly onto the pump suction or discharge flanges. When it comes to slurry pump intake/discharge spools, internal diameter alignment is critical in achieving continued performance and hose reliability.

The reducing rubber mine hoses are hand-built and formed on specially fabricated mandrels. They are made to order and manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure they are suitable for the most abrasive slurry applications. With a tough and durable construction utilising a hot-vulcanised manufacturing process, these reducing hoses are manufactured completely of rubber, reinforced with polyester cord and can be manufactured with an integral spring wire helix for suction applications.

The reducing mine hoses are custom designed and manufactured to suit just about any pumping application. We take into consideration all factors whilst engineering a customised solution for each client. The reducing hoses can be offered as a replacement spool from traditional steel intake/discharge spools, especially for applications in which wear performance, vibration and pipe misalignment is a problem.

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