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Submersible Dredge Pump with Vegetation Cutter Blades

May 28, 2018

Dredging operation can occur in places where there are sea-weed, sea-grass or other organic material that has to be cut before they can be pumped.

The Hydroman (A Tobee Brand) cutter-blades works between the impeller and the strainer to cut the organic material. Together with the agitator the cutter-blades improve submersible dredge pump performances in the most difficult dredging projects.

Hydroman Electric Submersible Dredge Pump Cutter Blades:

Submersible Dredge Pump with Cutter Blades

Hydroman Hydraulic Submersible Dredge Pump with Cutter Blades Application:

Hydraulic Dredge Pump with Cutter Blades Application

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