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3/2 CAH Slurry Pumps for Mineral Processing Plant

Feb 15, 2022

Tobee® 3/2 CAH Slurry Pump with CV Drive Arrangement and 11kw Electric motors are ready to mineral processing plant, The wet parts of the 3/2 AH slurry pumps are made from standard ultra chrome alloy A05A. the seal arrangement is gland water.

Tobee AH heavy duty slurry pumps are end suction, split-case, centrifugal pumps and designed for heavy duty abrasive applications with large shaft diameter, heavy duty bearing assemblies and robust slurry pumping capacity. Tobee AH Slurry Pump is available in a wide range of sizes and models, with a variety of metal, rubber, polyurethane and ceramic wet parts options, an assortment of seal arrangements, and a standard impeller adjustment mechanism incorporated into every base or assembly.

Tobee® 3/2C-AH Slurry Pump Performance Parameters:




MaterialsClear water performance


Vane No.

LinerImpellerCapacity Q( m3/h)


H( m)

Speed n






3/2C AH30MetalMetal39.6-86.412-641300-2700554-65

Tobee® 3/2C-AH Slurry Pump Delivery Photos:

3/2 CAH Slurry Pumps

Warman 3/2 CAH Slurry Pumps

Metal Lined 3/2 CAH Slurry Pumps

3/2C-AH bombas Warman

Slurry Pump 3/2 AH

3x2 AH Warman Slurry Pumps

Tobee® 3/2C-AH Slurry Pump Applications:
Specialize in handling the toughest and most abrasive applications including mining, mineral processing, power generation, aggregate processing, and any other type of slurry pumping applications.

Typical applications include:
·Mineral Processing
·Coal Preparation
·Cyclone Feeds
·Aggregate Processing
·Fine Primary Mill Grinding
·Process Chemical
·Industrial Processing
·Pulp and Paper
·Food Processing
·Ash Handling
·Rod Mill Discharge
·SAG Mill Discharge

Tobee® 3/2C-AH Slurry Pump Features & Benefits
IMPELLERS - Interchangeable metal and rubber impellers available. Pump out vanes on rear and front reduce recirculation within pump, which prevents seal contamination.
LINERS - Interchangeable metal and rubber liners available. Easily replaceable liners are attached to casing by threaded bolts rather than unreliable glue.
THROATBUSH - Interchangeable metal and rubber throat bush– adjustable via cotters to account for wear over time and increase efficiency.

· SEALS - Tobee offers a wide variety of seal options to suit any process requirements.
EXPELLER (CENTRIFUGAL SEAL) - Available with low flow water flush or zero flow (grease lubricated) options to provide exceptional sealing where water introduction to the seal is intolerable or limited
STUFFING BOX - Gland sealing with packing and lantern ring

· BEARING ASSEMBLY - Large shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet end contribute to long life and reliability in the field.
CASING - Split-case design allows for ease of access and maintenance on wet end parts .Cast ductile iron with exterior ribbing provides increased pressure ratings and reliable service over time.

· BASE - A very robust one-piece frame cradles the cartridge type bearing and shaft assembly. An external impeller adjustment mechanism is provided below the bearing housing for easy adjustment of impeller clearance.

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