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200SV-SP Vertical Slurry Pumps for Waste Water and Sludge

Oct 21, 2021

Tobee® 200SV-SP Vertical Slurry Pumps x 3 units with 6 sets slurry pump spares head to a Petroleum storage facility in Africa. These 200SV-SP Vertical Sump Slurry Pumps equipped with 45kw Explosion-Proof Motors, and used for Waste Water and Sludge, operating at 400m3/h and head 16m, The submerged depth is longer to 2.6m.

The SP/SPR Vertical cantilever Sump pumps is a vertical spindle slurry pump. It is designed to transport corrosive, coarse particles, and highly concentrated slurry. It can operate normally without a shaft gland or shaft gland water, and the length of the shaft can be customized to the depth of the liquid level.

The SP/SPR vertical slurry pump is a vertical type slurry pump. The inlet is oriented vertically and downward on one side of the vertical pump, and the outlet is oriented vertically and upward on the other side. It composed of the lower filter platform, pump body, impeller, shaft, guard plate, and bracket. The upper part of the SP/SPR pump is supported by bearings; the pump is installed under the liquid, and no shaft seal is used. It uses a belt drive (BD) and direct drive (CD) transmission type. The depth of the immersion liquid in the standard size range can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

Design features:
1. Vertical sump pumps are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in sump to work.
2. They are designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high density slurries.
3. These pumps have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water.
4. They can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties.
5. Wet parts of type SP metal vertical slurry pump are made of abrasion-resistant metal.
6. All parts of type SP(R) rubber lined vertical slurry pump immersed in liquid are lined with rubber outer liner. They are suited
7. To transport non-edge angle abrasive slurry.

200SV-SP Vertical Slurry Pump Loading Photos:

200SV-SP Vertical Slurry Pump

Vetical Sump Slurry Pump

Warman 200SV-SP Vertical Pump

Vertical cantilever Sump pump

Warman Vertical Slurry Pump

8 inch Vertical Sludge Pumps

Typical Applications:
1. Sump drainage washdown
2. Floor drainage
3. Mill sumps
4. Carbon transfer
5. Monitoring
6. Magnetite mixing

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