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TSB Mission Magnum Pump


    Size: 2-8″
    Capaicty: 20~400m3/h
    Head: 12~62m
    Working temperature T: -40℃~60℃
    Materials: Cast iron, Anti-wear hard iron, Chrome alloy, High chrome alloy etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TSB Sand Pumps are 100% interchangeable with Mission Magnum pumps, It is designed and engineered to handle abrasive, viscous and corrosive fluids in drilling fluid or industrial slurry applications. The pump performance is matched by exceptional performance, high volume, high temperature capabilities, long service life, ease to maintenance, overall economy and greater savings. TSB series sand pumps are currently in operation on land-based and offshore drilling rigs around the world. We will offer the best choice for the intended application, taking into consideration fluid conditions.

Design Features:

• The TSB series concentric pump housings are heavier and stronger to outlast conventional pumps. The housings are thicker for extra strength and extended service life. The concentric design allows the distance between the impeller and the housing to be the same at all points. The concentric housing eliminates turbulence and cavitation within the pump. It also reduces the radial load on the bearings. The full pipe diameter of the pump entrance. The housing gasket is recessed to protect it from fluid leaving the impeller.
• The TSB series open-vane impeller eliminates recirculation that occurs in closed impellers. The impeller is designed to reduce turbulence, lower radial and thrust loads, and provides a smooth flow of fluid through the pump. Housing wear is reduced by eliminating the high scrubbing action that occurs on conventional pumps. The SB240 series impeller is designed to allow fluid leaving the impeller to blend with recirculating fluid to reduce abrasive wear of the casing. The open-vane impeller has no exposed impeller nuts or shaft threads. The impeller is screwed on and the threads are protected by ano-ring. The SB240 series pump and impeller are designed to increase service life many times over that of conventional pumps.
• The TSB series shaft has a greater diameter to provide heavy-duty performance with minimal shaft deflection. The replaceable shaft sleeve allows the wear from the packing to be renewed without replacing the entire shaft. The shaft sleeve and mechanical seal can be replaced 4without removing the shaft from the pump
• The TSB series bearings are designed for easy maintenance. The outboard bearing assembly is comprised of two angular contact bearings with high thrust load ratings and zero end play. The inboard bearing is a heavy-duty, double row ball bearing with high radial load capacity to compensate for the larger impeller sizes and heavy-duty applications. The SB240 series only uses the best bearings available.
• The TSB series stuffing box cover combine the functions of wear plate and stuffing box into a one-piece replacement unit. One bolt holds the slip fitted stuffing box in place. The SB240 series stuffing box is available for packing or mechanical seal operation. The slip fit design allows easy access to the shaft sleeve.
• The TSB mechanical seal this top quality seal is manufactured from the finest materials available today. This seal delivers superior performance due to superior design. Our seal distributes drive torque over 10 drive tabs, which are 25-50% thicker than others on the market, therefore reducing stress on the outer retainer. All metal parts are manufactured or 316 stainless steel. Eastover’s are manufactured from viton. Both rotating and stationary seal faces are tungsten carbide.
• The worklife of TSB pumps wetted parts include the stuffing box, impeller, and housing assembly. These parts are poured from the highest grade of ductile iron, then finished to exacting specifications. After machining and inspection, these parts are processed through a quench and temper heat treating process to fully harden the parts throughout. During this process the parts are hardened to 40-44 ROCKWELL-C scale, this gives the "TSB" parts the hardness to withstand the harshest pumping conditions. Look to the pumps for extended pump life

Tobee® TSB Mission Magnum Sand Pumps Performance Parameter:


Capacity Q


Head H


Eff. η


Power P


Speed n






* There are only a part of models, For more models Pls get in touch with TOBEE PUMP directly.

Tobee® TSB Mission Magnum Sand Pumps Structural Drawing:

Mission Sand Pumps Structural Drawing

1Housing7L bolt13Outside bearing cover
2Impeller8Oil seal14Oil seal
3Mechanical seal box9Inside bearing15Locknut
4Bearing block10Pump shaft16Packing
5Shaft sleeve11Outside bearing block17Mechanical seal
Packing cover12Outside bearing

Tobee® TSB Mission Magnum Sand Pumps Structural Design:

NOV Magnum Pumps Structural Design

Tobee® TSB Mission Magnum Sand Pumps On-site Applications:

Tobee Mission Magna Chrome Pumps Applications

• Drilling mud• Drilling sand• Drilling sludge•  Drilling slurry
• Mud mixing• Desanding • Deislting • Degassing 
• Shearing operations • Centrifugal feed • Mud cooling towers • Wash down 
• Chemicals• Drilling fluid circulating system• Supercharging • Construction
• Agricultural • Suspended particles• Potash Fertilizer Plant• Other industries

Tobee® TSB Mission Magnum Sand Pumps Drawing:

Tobee Mission Magnum Pumps Drawing

* Tobee® is a registered trademark and does not represent or is not in any way affiliated with Mission Magnum® of NOV Group. All names,numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purpose only and do not imply that any pumps or parts listed is the product of Mission Magnum Pumps.
* Tobee® TSB sand pumps and spares are only interchangeable with Mission Magnum pumps and spares.
* This document is the property of Tobee® Pump and can be neither reproduced nor disclosed to a third party without a written authorization.

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