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12x10 Dredging Sand Pump


    Size: 12" x 10"
    Capacity: 288-2808m3/h
    Head: 10-80m
    Speed: 350-850rpm
    NPSHr: 1.5-4.5m
    Eff.: 73%
    Power: Max.600kw
    Handling solids: 220mm
    Seal arrangement: Packing seal, Expeller seal, Mechanical seal
    Materials: High chrome alloy, Cast iron, Cast steel, Stainless steel etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump is a single stage, single casing, centrifugal horizontal pump driven by electric motor diesel engine. Large flow passage allows large particle solids, with advantages of high efficiency, wear resistant, wide flow channel, good ability of NPSH, stable performance, easy assembly, The discharge outlet can be adjusted at any direction, It is world’s standard for dredge, gravel or large particle slurries applications.

Design Features:

• Advanced hydraulic model, CAD 3D design, high efficiency and obvious energy-saving
• Large dredging sand depth, high density of dredging mud, good pump NPSH and strong suction lift ability.
• Strong through-put, The dredging pump can persistently discharge gravel, high plastic soil lump,etc.
• Wide application, The sand pump can be used in various kinds of soil quality.
• The TG sand pump can be directly matched with electric motor or diesel engine.
• The TG sand pump impeller is 3 or 5 vanes for large particles delivering.
• Little hydraulic loss, high efficiency and low oil-consumption.
• Steady operating, little vibration, low noise.
• Simple & reliable constrution, easily disassembly & assembly,convenient maintainc
• Reliable sealing without leakage.
• Long operating life of wear parts.

Tobee® TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump Performance Parameter:


Max.Power P


Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Eff. η

(% )



Impeller Dia.



Tobee® TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump Structural Design:

Tobee TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump Structural Design

Tobee® TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump Shaft Seal Arrangement:

Packing Seal is a general shaft seal.It applys to various pumping conditions, PTFE and Graphite materials of Packing can be used in high corrosive slurries or high temperature conditions.Using ceramic shaft sleeve,For high abrasion conditions, The ceramic shaft sleeve is available.

Expeller Seal is an impeller force of reversed centrifugal force, preventing slurry leakage. Expeller seal can be used on the single-stage pump when the positive pressure of pump inlet is no more than 10% of pump outlet pressure or on the first-stage pump in the pump series.

Mechanical Seal is advanced sealing technique without sealing leakage, integrating construction, convenient installation & replacement, various constructions suit for all kinds of conditions.

Tobee® TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump On-site Applications

Tobee® Dredging Sand Pumps are used for rivers, lakes and sea sand dredging, blowing sand reclamation, river dredging, pumping sand selected iron ore, tailings pumping, coal mines, power plants and mining companies such as transport medium containing solid particles.

Tobee® TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump Dimensional Drawing:

Tobee TG12x10G Dredging Sand Pump Dimensional Drawing

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