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WN600 CSD Dredge Pump


    Capacity: 5000-9000m3/h
    Head: 55-80m
    Speed: 280-420r/min
    Eff.: 81-85%
    Inlet: 660mm
    Outlet: 600mm
    NPSHr: <6
    Max. Particles: 220mm
    Seal arrangement: mechanical seal
    Materials: Hyper chrome alloy

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  • Product Description

Tobee® WN600 CSD Dredge Pump is a kindly of special pump used for cutter suction dredger, hopper suction dredger or offshore dredging platform etc. It is double casings, single stage cantilevered centrifugal dredge pump structure. WN600 dredge pump is equipped with frame and lubrication is force thin oil. The design of double casing the pump working till the volute liner almost worn down and guarantee no leakage when volute liner is worn down.

Design Features:

• The whole construction is suitable for dredging ship reliable and simple structure
• Easy disassembly and installation,convenient maintenance
• Dredging performance is excellent
• Strong through-put capability,wide application
• The curve of performance is excellent
• Excellent ant-wear performance, long service of wet parts
• A little hydraulic loss high efficiency, low consumption
• Reliable shaft sealing without leakage

Tobee® WN600 CSD Dredge Pump Performance Parameters:

ModelCapacity Q
Head H
Speed n
Eff. η
Inlet Dia.
Outlet Dia.
Max. Particles

Tobee® WN600 CSD Dredge Pump Structural Design:

Tobee WN600 CSD Dredge Pump Structural Drawing

Tobee® WN600 CSD Dredge Pumps On-site Applications:

Tobee WN600 CSD Dredge Pumps On-site Applications

* Dredging sand slurry gravel soil sludge mud paste mire slime slush at river, river mouth and sea floor
* Transferring sand, slurry, gravel, soil, sludge at mine, civil works, construction sites, ready mixed concrete factory, recruiting construction materials factory and power plant etc.
* Removal sediment from sumps or basins.

Tobee® WN600 CSD Dredge Pump Dimensional Drawing:

Tobee WN600 CSD Dredge Pump Dimensional Drawing

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