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TS Sea Water Pump


    Size: 25-450mm
    Capacity: 3.4-1200m3/h
    Head: 6-135m
    Efficiency: up to 92%
    Materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, Bronze, CD4MCu, Duplex stainless steel etc

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  • Product Description

Tobee® TS Sea Water Pump is single stage single suction cantilevered centrifugal pump design by the ISO2858 standard, It is widely used in for delivering sea water, salt water, brine water, marine ballasting, marine fire fighting, mariculture, alkaline erosive water, sanitation, booster sea water, seawater lift system, sea water desalinization and the liquid that physical and chemical properties similar to clean water and without solid particles.

Design Features:

• TS series single-stage end-suction centrifugal pump is designed according to the capability and size stipulated in the international Standard ISO2858, it is composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, ring seal, sleeve and suspended bearing units
• The pump body and pump cover are separated from the back of impeller, that is to say in general, back open structure.
• The pump shell (that is pump body and pump cover) forms the workroom of pump. Impeller, shaft and rolling bearing are the rotors for the pump. Suspended bearing units support the rotors in the pump. The rolling bearing stands the radial load and axial force
• The axial sealing ring is composed of packing gland, packing rings and packing to avoid air admission or severe water leakage.
• To avoid abrasion of shaft, the part where the shaft runs through packing chamber is fitted with protective muff. O ring is fitted between muff and shaft to protect against air entering or water leaking along the matching surface
• The pump is connected to motor with extending flexible coupling. The pump turns clockwise when you look from the driving end.

Tobee® TS Sea Water Pump Quick Selection Chart:

Tobee TS Sea Water Pump Quick Selection Chart

Tobee® TS Sea Water Pumps Performance Parameters:


Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Power P


Eff. η





Tobee® TS Sea Water Pumps Structural Drawing:

Tobee TS Sea Water Pumps Structural Drawing

Tobee® TS Sea Water Pumps Structural Design:

Tobee TS Sea Water Pumps Structural Design

Tobee® TS Sea Water Pumps On-site Applications:

Tobee TS Sea Water Pumps On-site Applications

• Sea water• Salt water• Brine water• Marine ballasting
• Water circulation• Marine fire fighting• Sea water booster• Cooling water
• Mariculture• Sanitation• Seawater lift system• Raw water
• Mining water supply
• Garden water supply
• Agricultural irrigation• Aquaculture
• Reverse osmosis water• HVAC water Supply• Chemicals• Other industries

Tobee® TS Sea Water Pumps Dimensional Drawing:

Tobee TS Sea Water Pumps Dimensional Drawing

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