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Slurry Pump WRT Impeller and Throatbush

Aug 17, 2019

Tobee® O-WRT (Optimum Wear Reduction Technology) parts combination’s new four vane impeller design incorporates a unique vane let on the back shroud which streamlines the flow through the impeller. Other enhancements include improved hydraulic profiles, reduced turbulence, extended wear performance and lowered power consumption. The range of O-WRT® parts is interchangeable and retrofitable into all current AH pumps.

Tobee® O-WRT® Optimum Wear Reduction Technology:

• Increased wear life – the impeller and throatbush combination will increase wear life between 30% and 50%
• Power savings – lower pump power consumption
• Cost reduction – higher pump efficiency sustained over a longer pumping operation time
• Retrofit – new design parts retrofit to your current AH slurry pumps
• Lower NPSH requirements – results in enhanced hydraulic performance and extended wear life
• Material combinations – rubber or metal part combinations available

Impeller design:

The five vane impellers in the AH pump range were for many years considered to be the industry ‘standard’. However, in order to improve upon one or more of the performance parameters, Tobee started out by using a range of four vane impellers developed for the AH pumps.

The latest O-WRT® impeller designs maintain the four vane’s advantages, but improved on all of the performance parameters - efficiency, wear and cavitation performance by improving the fluid guidance through the impeller with streamlined main pumping vanes, streamlined inlet as well as vane lets at the impeller outlet.

Due to these improvements in performance, the O-WRT® impellers represent a step change improvement compared to the older style five vane impeller design.

O-WRT® impeller and throatbush replacements for standard impeller and throatbush replacements:

O-WRT impeller part no.Standard impeller part no.O-WRT throatbush part no.Standard throatbush part no.

Tobee® O-WRT® Impeller:

Warman WRT Impeller

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