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Slurry Pump Shaft Spacer

Sep 03, 2018

Shaft Spacers prove useful in drive assemblies to locate components and isolate the moving parts of ball bearings from adjacent components. So it is a important parts for slurry pump for operating.

Technical requirements:

Finish - Tumbled Finish
    ○ Spacers are tumble finished to provide a nice appearance
● Hole is chamfered on both ends -
   ○ To remove burrs
   ○ To make it easier to guide spacer onto bolt/screw/shaft/etc.
● Outer Diameter corners are chamfered lightly -
   ○ Tumble finish makes the OD chamfer into a radius
SS420 alloy is best for:
   ○ Corrosion resistance,
   ○ Welding

Slurry Pump Shaft Spacer Photos:

Warman E117 Shaft Spacer

Warman Pump Shaft Spacer

Warman Slurry Pump Shaft Spacer

6/4 EAH Slurry Pump Shaft Spacer (E117) Drawing:

Warman Shaft Spacer Drawing

Download Slurry Pump E117 Shaft Spacer Drawing: Warman Shaft Spacer E117 Shaft Spacer Drawing.pdf

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