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6x4 EAH and 8x6 EAH Slurry Pump Parts for Packing

Jul 26, 2018

6x4 DAH and 8x6 EAH Slurry Pump Parts are Packing for heading to Beijing airport. These pump parts will be installed for original Weir AH slurry pumps for tailing application in a copper mine. Tobee® slurry pump parts are made from high chrome alloy 27%+, It has strong abrasion and corrosion resistance, The hardness can upto 65%HRC, So the worklife will be extended for 30% than others.

6x4 DAH and 8x6 EAH Slurry Pump Parts Order List:

NO.Part NamePump ModelPart No.Materials





1Impeller6x4 DAHE4147Cr27+469
2Volute liner6x4 DAHE4110Cr27+4120
3Impeller8x6 EAHF6147Cr27+4190
4Volute liner8x6 EAHF6110Cr27+4282

6x4 DAH and 8x6 EAH Slurry Pump Parts Finished Photos:

Warman 6x4 DAH Slurry Pump Parts

Warman 6x4 Slurry Pump Parts

Warman 8x6 EAH Slurry Pump Parts

Warman 8x6 Slurry Pump Parts

Tobee offers slurry pump parts for 1.5/1B-AH, 1.5/1C-HH, 2/1.5B-AH, 3/2C-AH, 4/3C-AH, 4/3D-AH, 4/3E-HH, 6/4D-AH, 6/4E-AH, 6/4F-HH, 8/6E-AH, 10/8E-M, 10/8ST-AH, 12/10ST-AH, 14/12ST-AH, 16/14TU-AH, 18/16TU-AH, 20/18TU-AH etc.

The materials can be selected by:
• Metal code: A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A12, A14, A25, A33, A49, A51, A61
• Nature rubber code: R08, R24, R26, R33, R38, R55, R66
• Synthetic rubber code: S01, S10, S12, S21, S31, S42, S44, S50
• Polyurethane code: U01, U05

Slurry Pump Spare Parts namely the pump parts have direct connection with slurries, They are very crucial to the service life of slurry pumps. The wetted parts include impeller, liner, throatbush, frame plate liner insert, casing etc., These parts are very easily worn-out components because they work under longtime impact of abrasive and corrosive slurries in the high speed. For the long service life of pump parts, the material plays an important role here...

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