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Tobee 14x12 Gravel Dredge Pump Manufacturer

Dec 13, 2018

Tobee® TG14x12T gravel dredge pump is designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive slurries that containing large particles which other slurry pumps can not handle, Large passage inside casing make it the best choice for gravel, dredging and other applications where large particles needed to be handled, especially for large flow, high concentration, high head medium.

Low NPSH requirement and robust design ensures long life under severe duties.

Industrial, mineral processing, mill discharge, tailings, coal washing, ash removal, chemical.

West end casing, impeller, plates are made of high chrome alloy to resist wear, corrossion, impact or erosion.

Bearing Assembly
Grease lubrication and oil lubrication are optional depending on the usage.

Seal Options
Gland seal, expeller (centrifugal or dynamic) seal and mechanical seal are optional to fit different applications.

Tobee® TG14x12T Gravel Dredge Pump Photos:

China Dredge Gravel Pump

Warman 14x12 Dredge Pump

14x12 Warman Gravel Pump

China Warman Dredge Gravel Pump

12 inch Dredge Sand Pump

Sand & Gravel Dredging Pump

Warman 14x12 GG Gravel Pump

Dredge Booster Pump 14x12

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