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Tobee® Slurry Pump Seal Arrangement

May 09, 2017

Slurry Pump seal is one of the important pump parts which could prevent slurry leakage. The most commonly used seal types in slurry are packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal.

Packing seal is suitable for different kind of work conditions. The stuffing materials could be PTFE, asbestos and other special materials, which could be used under the condition of corrosion and high pressure. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy maintenance.

Expeller seal uses the pressure from expeller and impeller to seal the slurry. It has better sealing effect but increase the power consumption.

Mechanical seal has very good seal effect. Available for most applications, single or double mechanical seals can be offered as an alternative to a conventional seal.But it requests the flush water strictly.(the no-flush water mechanical seal could run without flush water).

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