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Submersible Gravel Sand Pump Selection Guide

Jan 30, 2018

Submersible Gravel Sand Pump has many specifications to meet different working conditions of different users. As long as specifications and modes meeting the working conditions are reasonably and correctly selected, the best benefit can be obtained with less investment, simultaneously, reasonable working conditions can effectively prolong the service life of the pump, and the methods are as follows:

1. Where the field conditions (such as voltage, frequency, water quality, power source and capacity) accords with the use conditions is mastered.

2. The pump specification is selected:
2.1) Initial selection of the flow rate : the flow rate of the pump is determined according to demands.
2.2) Determination of pipes: critical sedimentation flow velocity is calculated according to the conveyed medium, so as to reasonably select the pipe diameter.
2.3) Calculation of pip loss: the pipe loss is calculated according to the length of the pipe and the number of the siphons and valves.
2.4) Calculation of the pipe lift: the pump lift= vertical height difference from the water surface to the water outlet +pipe loss +outlet pressure+ safety margin(10%)
2.5) The pump specification is determined according to the pump lift and flow rate.
2.6) The installation mode is determined: fixed mode and mobile mode.

3. Friendly Tips
3.1) Only closed system has outlet pressure, and the outlet pressure of the open system is zero.
3.2) The power of the matched motor of the pump is calculated according to intermediate concentration (the medium density is 1.3.), and the power should be rechecked when the pump is used for high-concentration conveying.
3.3) When the medium cannot submerge the motor or the temperature of the medium is more than 60℃, cooling water is 5-8m3/h.
3.4) The outlet of the pump should be provided with a valve, when the pump is started, the valve should be closed and then the motor is started, and the valve is gradually opened after the motor normally rotates.
3.5) The valve should be closed first and then the power source is cut off when the pump is shut down, so as to prevent water hammer in the pipe from severely damaging the pump.
3.6) In order to prevent blockage of the pipe, clear water should be conveyed for a while to clean the pipe before machine halt, until clear water flows out from the water outlet.

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