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Slurry Pumps Type Depends On Usage

Sep 30, 2017

Tobee TH heavy duty slurry pumps for handling strong abrasive,  high concentration slurries.
Tobee THH high head slury pumps for handling strong abrasive, high concentration slurries and high head, long distance transportation
Tobee TM medium duty slurry pumps for handling strong abrasive, medium concentration slurries.
Tobee TL light duty slurry pump for handling light abrasive, lower concentration slurries.
Tobee TP vertical slurry pumps for handling slurries in the sump.
Tobee TG gravel sand pumps for handling strong adrasive, high concentration slurries with big size.
Tobee THR rubber slurry pump for handling strong corrosive and abrasive slurries of small size without sharp edges.

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