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Slurry Pump Shaft Arrangement

Apr 16, 2018

Tobee Pump offers four kinds of shaft seal options available to meet different pump applications. The pump shaft seals mainly differ in sealing effect and price. In addition, each seal is suitable to certain pump transporting medium and working conditions.

Slurry Pump Seal Arrangement

1. Packing seal needs seal water and generally its pressure should be 35Kpa more than discharge pressure. Packing seal is characterized with low cost and easy maintenance, but it has small amount of leakage in operation.

2. Expeller seal is significantly better effect than packing seal, and sometimes can achieve zero leakage. However, it is not suitable to the applications with high suction lift or pump chamber pressure.

3. Expeller with packing seal is enhanced version of Expeller seal. Unlike the standard expeller seal, it has four packing ring instead of two. It has wider application range, but needed seal water in some applications. The seal water pressure should be 70% of the outlet pressure.

4.Mechanical seal has best seal effect but also highest in price. According to flushing method, there are inner or outside flushing water. Besides, if the working site is short of water resources, there is also no flushing water or recycle flushing type available.

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