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Slurry Pump Maintenance in Coal Preparation Plant

Jan 25, 2018

Slurry Pump Maintenance in Coal Preparation Plant

In the production practice of the coal preparation plant, the slurry pump is only widely used for the transportation of slurry such as slime, circulating water, coal slurry and heavy medium suspension, and as a grading (concentrating) cyclone, (Water) sorting cyclone, filter filter feed pump when used, but also directly affect the process indicators, therefore, wash (choose) coal plant slurry pump maintenance and maintenance work is very important, direct impact The normal operation of the production system.

Under normal circumstances, the slurry pump machine has been adjusted in the factory before the coal preparation plant in the purchase of slurry pump within 6 months, without the use of the need for demolition, only need to check whether the rotation is flexible, Rust, and oiling work before the use of slurry pump, the need to add filler.

Other slurry pump use and maintenance precautions are as follows:

1). To keep the set of clean, dry, no oil, small leak.
2). Daily check the operation of the slurry pump is normal, whether there is vibration and leakage, etc., found that the problem should be promptly dealt with.
3). Check the slurry level inside the slurry pump is appropriate, the correct oil level is near the location of the oil bit line, smaller than ± 2mm.
4). It is strictly forbidden to operate the slurry in the tank where the slurry is evacuated because the slurry pump is not only vibrating in the evacuated state, but also affects the life of the pump.
5). Each slurry pump is marked with the maximum size of the solid particles allowed to pass, the pump is strictly prohibited into the metal objects and beyond the pump to allow the passage of large pieces of solid particles and slurry pump is strictly prohibited into the rubber, cotton, plastic And the like, so as not to damage the overcurrent part of the slurry pump and block the impeller and the runner, resulting in the pump to work properly.
6). to regularly check the slurry pump shaft seal water and cooling water pressure and flow is appropriate can be used to check the shaft seal water valve opening degree or check the temperature of the box box method, the temperature is high when the small amount of water supply for the use of lubrication Grease lubricated packing slurry pump, should be regularly refueled 1-2 times a day to ensure that the filler in a good state of lubrication.
7). to regularly check the shaft seal water leakage, when the leakage increases, should adjust the filler gland bolts, need to replace the filler should be promptly replaced.
8). The clearance between the impeller and the front guard of the pump must be adjusted periodically to keep it within the specified range. Ensure that the slurry pump is operated in the high efficiency range. The adjustment procedure shall be in accordance with the force specified in the operating instructions Law and steps.
9). should always check the slurry pump bearing temperature, the maximum temperature is generally small to more than 75℃.
10). Periodically thoroughly replace the lubricating oil slurry pump for a certain period of time in accordance with the time specified in the operating instructions of the slurry pump. Periodically inspect, repair or replace the damaged parts in a timely manner. The slurry pump is in good condition .

The above is the washing (election) coal plant slurry pump(Warman AH slurry pump) maintenance and maintenance of the main work in the use of slurry pump should be in strict accordance with the above matters on the maintenance of the slurry pump. If you have any questions, you need to contact the slurry pump manufacturer in time.

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