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Slurry Pump Basic Components

Mar 29, 2018

In comparison with most other process equipment, a Slurry pump is uncomplicated in design.
Despite simplicity of design there are few machines in heavy industry that work under such harsh conditions.
The slurry pumps and their systems are fundamental to all wet processes.
Working 100% of available operating time under fluctuating conditions of flow, solids content,etc, the mechanical design has to be very reliable in all details

Slurry Pump Basic components:

The basic components of all slurry pumps are:
1. The impeller
2. The casing
3. The sealing arrangement
4. The bearing assembly
5. The drive

The slurry pump impeller
Without understanding the function of a slurry pump impeller, we will never understand why and how a pump is designed and functions.
The Impeller = an energy converter!
”The function of the rotating impeller is to impart kinetic energy to the slurry mass and accelerate it”.
A part of this kinetic energy is subsequently converted to pressure energy before leaving the impeller.
Apart from the strict hydraulic transformation this is, in slurry pumps, partly achieved by the special capacity of the solids in the slurry itself to convey energy by “hydraulic drag forces”. These drag forces are used in a number of hydraulic machines for wet processing (classifers, clarifers, separators etc.)

The Slurry Pump casing
One function of the casing is to pick up the flow coming from the entire circumference of the impeller, converting it into a desirable flow pattern and directing it to the pump outlet. Another important function is to reduce the flow velocity and convert its kinetic energy to pressure energy.

The Slurry Pump sealing arrangement
Horizontal: Slurry leakage (flooded suction), air leakage (suction lift), shaft deflection, and inlet head
Vertical: Designed without shaft seals
Submersible: Slurry leakage, electrical connections

The Slurry Pump bearing assembly
In a slurry pump we have both radial and axial forces acting on the shaft and the bearings.
Selection of bearings follows two schools of thought:
The frst arrangement with a bearing at the wet end taking up radial forces only and a bearing at the drive end taking up both axial and radial forces.
The second arrangement using taper roller bearings (of standard, mass produced types) in both positions taking axial and radial loads.

The Slurry Pump Drive
1.indirect drives used for horizontal and vertical pumps, comprising motor (in various drive arrangements) and transmission (V-belt/Polybelt or gearbox.)

2. Direct drives are always used in the submersible pumps and where application dictates on horizontal and vertical pumps.

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