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Screw Impeller for Harvest Shrimp

May 12, 2020

Tobee® manufactures the Screw impeller was originally used for harvest shrimp and then used for conveying solid-liquid mixing; two-phase flow can also be used for drainage and conveying high mixing ratios and less viscous liquids. To prevent the solid material from clogging the conveying medium for smooth outflow, a twisted spiral blade is provided in the impeller, and the conical hub body is axially extended from the suction port. The radius of the blade gradually increases to form a spiral fluid channel. The shell is composed of a conical suction cover and a volute. Suction cover impeller. Like a propeller, it produces a spiral propulsion. Some impellers of the volute casing are centrifugal like a general centrifugal pump. The acute angle part of the blade inlet guides the debris to the vicinity of the axis, and then uses the screw action to advance it along the axis. Such a combination of positive displacement pump and centrifugal pump is called screw centrifugal pump.

Design Features:
1. Conveying is smooth and gentle, energy saving.
2. Good non-clogging property, can transport particles and fibers.
3. No stirring, no damage, good transportation of fish, shrimp, fruits and other water-mixed materials.
4. It is suitable for conveying paper pulp and cotton pulp with a concentration of 1-12%. It has been widely used abroad.
5. The pump has simple structure and easy maintenance.
6. The belt pulley is used to transmit power. The technical parameters of the pump are highly variable, and the effect is more obvious when the frequency conversion motor is used.

Installation and use:
1. Before the equipment is installed, the foundation must be proofread according to the equipment foundation drawing and the physical objects to confirm that the equipment foundation is correct.
2. Place the equipment in place, insert the anchor bolt into the hole of the pump frame, put a nut on the upper and lower parts of the bottom frame, place a support block under the pump, and align the original imported Flange with the suction tube.
3. Adjust the level of the pump from the vertical and horizontal aspects with the outlet flange. Place the spirit level on the blue outlet of the pump, place the horn under the pump chassis, and adjust the horn to adjust it to the level of the pump.
4. When grouting for the first time, be careful not to touch the equipment and the anchor bolts to be placed vertically in the foundation hole.
5. After the concrete is fully cured, tighten the nuts on the baseplate evenly, adjust the support blocks under the baseplate, and start fine adjustment work. Use the nuts on the baseplate to adjust the level of the pump. Check in both directions, taking care not to bend the chassis.
6. When grouting for the second time, pour to the upper surface of the bottom frame. Tighten the nut after curing, cut off the excess part of the screw (the screw is exposed 5mm), the nut and the screw are painted to prevent rust.
7. For the connection of pipelines, the suction and delivery pipes should be connected as straight as possible. After completion, check the alignment of the equipment again and turn it by hand. The feel is flexible and light, and it must not bear the weight of the pipeline. Support and fix to avoid the vibration of the pump caused by the vibration of the pipeline.
8. The pipeline should avoid sudden turns. Use elbows and connecting pipes with an angle greater than 90 degrees. The bends should be as smooth as possible. Do not allow him to approach the pump inlet. The inlet pipe should be bent as little as possible.
9. If a cleaning pipe needs to be connected to the inlet pipe, the connection angle between the cleaning pipe and the inlet should be less than 45 degrees.
10. Before starting the machine, check if there is any foreign matter in the pump. Inject lubricating oil to half of the oil level mirror. Check the tightness of the belt pulley and the alignment of the coupling, open the inlet and outlet valves, and let the pump be filled with medium. Turn on the motor after checking the steering.
11. Check whether the shaft seal leaks, whether the temperature and sound of the bearing are abnormal after starting up, whether the inlet and outlet of the pump are fully supported and fixed, and whether the pump has vibration. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, immediately shut down and check and deal with it until the fault is eliminated.
12. When shutting down, close the valve of the outlet pipe of the pump to prevent backflow caused by the occurrence of vacuum in the pipeline. If the shutdown time is longer, close the inlet pipe valve, empty the slurry pump and open the cleaning pipe valve to rinse. Do not turn on the motor when the pump is returning.

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