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Sand Dredger Pump Maintenance

Feb 08, 2018

Sand Dredge Pump mainly applied for deep sea or offshore dredging, including extraction of sand and gravels, or transporting slurries.

Construction departments should have specialized maintenance staff toresponsible for maintenance and repair of sand dredge pump. Regular on sand dredger pumps and other equipment for inspection, maintenance, we should find and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

During application we should pay attention to the size of the sediment particles, sand dredger pump should always check consumable parts especially large particles, so that timely repair or replacement. Wear parts of dredger pump is mainly pump casing, pump impeller, pump bearings and shaft sleeve.

The use of advanced anti-wear measures to improve the life of consumable parts, it can reduce project investment and improve production efficiency. At the same time we should always prepare vulnerable parts to the timely replacement.

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