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Molten Salt Usages and Notices

Jan 24, 2018

When the molten salt system is original, a little water can be added in the salt bath, and the molten salt is sodium nitrite 43%, sodium nitrate 7%, and potassium nitrate 50% in the salt bath, Normal production, general requirements molten salt melting temperature of less than 160℃, decomposition temperature above 500℃, in the production process, NaNO2 can decompose to release nitrogen, molten salt melting temperature, system for a long time after use to supplement and replace molten salt. So to to salt bath into nitrogen seal protection, so as to reduce the decomposition of NaNO2, slow decomposition rate.

There are some points which need to be considered:
1. Molten salt is mainly constituted by three components: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, the lowest molten salt system for melting temperature to 132℃, after heating have 450℃, with sodium nitrite, attention should be paid to the molten salt heating furnace operating temperature limit setting, in order to avoid melting point changes, resulting in blockage of the pipeline that is difficult to deal with, if blocking is the heating coil, the consequence is serious.
2. Molten salt should pay attention to the molten salt heating, pay attention to the good insulation with thermal system, prevent system pipeline tube and radiates in a big place, in addition to put into operation, to ensure that the circulatory system fully, even if the device temporary stop, parking to nitrogen seal.
3. Due to the high temperature nitrate system, it is necessary to prevent leakage of fire. The molten salt can’t be oxygen and organic matter, will cause combustion and lead to molten salt denaturation.
4. Molten salt furnace is generally used to heat the tube.

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