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Molten Salt Pump Performance Curve

Jan 24, 2018

The performance parameters of the molten salt pump is interrelated and restraint: firstly, the rated top speed of the molten salt pump is a prerequisite. The performance curve of molten salt pump mainly has three curves: flow - lift curve, flow - power curve, flow - efficiency curve.

A.Flow- head characteristic curve
It is the basic performance curve of the molten salt pump. The molten salt pump that the Speed ratio is less than 80 of molten salt pump has the characteristics of the rise and fall (both intermediate raised, on both sides of the next bend), it is said the performance curve of the hump. The molten salt pump that its speed ratio is in the 80 ~ 150 has a flat performance curve. The molten salt pump performance curve that the speed ratio is more than 150 has a steep drop. In general, when the flow is small, head will be high. With the flow increases, the head will decline.

B. Flow - power curve
Shaft power is increased with the flow. When the flow rate is zero, the corresponding shaft power is not equal to zero and it is for a certain value (about normal operation of 60% or so). The power is consumed on the mechanical loss. At the same time, the molten salt pump is filled with water, if the pump is long time operation, it will lead to inside temperature to rise. The pump casing and bearings may have a fever. When it is severe, it may make the pump become deformed. We call "stuffy head". Then head is for maximum value. When the outlet valve is gradually opened, flow will gradually increase and the shaft power also slowly increased.

C. Flow- efficiency curve
The curve like hill shape, when the flow is zero, the efficiency is equal to zero. With the augment of flow, the efficiency gradually increased. But the augment increased a certain value, the efficiency will decline. The efficiency has a maximum value and the efficiency that it closes to the maximum efficiency point is relatively high. The region is known as the high efficiency area.

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