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Hydroman™ Submersible Slurry Pump for Dredging

Oct 12, 2018

Hydroman (A Tobee Brand) TJQ350TJQ1750-30-250 submersible slurry pump is suited for dredging and slurry applications. Fitted with a high chrome alloy wet end, temperature sensor, moisture detector, mechanical seal, optional agitator and cutterheads etc, Hydroman submersible slurry pumps are designed to be durable in the most trying conditions. The TJQ submersible slurry pump range has been designed with easy maintenance in mind. TJQ series can be easily disassembled to access key components such as the heavy-duty impeller and pump end.

Hydroman TJQ350TJQ1750-30-250 Submersible Slurry pump for Dredging:

Hydroman™ submersible slurry pump

Hydroman TJQ350TJQ1750-30-250 Performance Data Sheet:




Capacity Q


Head H




Eff. η


Speed n







Design Features:

A - Advanced Cable Entry
The advanced cable entry offers double protection against moisture. The power and control cables enter through individual cable glands that act as strain relief while sealing the cable jacket. Both cable cores are also sealed using barrier connector embedded in epoxy sealant.

B - Heavy-Duty Thrust Bearings
High-capacity, angular contact duplex bearings are generously sized to handle thrust loads associated with high specific gravity slurries.

C - Temperature Sensor
Over-temperature sensors protect the motor by sounding an alarm or shutting down the unit if internal temperatures exceed safe operating limits.

D - Moisture Detector
A twin electrode system provides double protection by detecting moisture intrusion in either the motor housing or the mechanical seal chamber.

E - Mechanical Seals
The TJQ incorporates proven balanced double-seal arrangement in which both sets of seal springs are enclosed in the oil reservoir. Silicon Carbide Seal faces are subject to submergence pressure only for greatly extended wear life.

F - Heavy-Duty Wet End
Standard 28% chrome construction coupled with heavy section thickness provides the ultimate in protection against abrasive wear in heavy slurries.

G - Easy Maintenance Access
T-bolt construction allows rapid disassemble of the pump end for maintenance access. The heavy-duty impeller is not screwed on, but keyed to the shaft for easy removal and protection against movement during reverse rotation.

H - Optional Robust Agitator
A robust agitator can be fitted to the suction eye allowing the pump to handle high concentrations of solids.

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