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Horizontal Slurry Pumps Operation Manual

Sep 30, 2017

Assembly & Disassembly

1. Settle the bearing assembly. After assembly the bearing housing, shaft should rotate flexibly, and should be no abrasion.
2. Install bearing assembly on the base, then casing, lantern ring, stuffing box, frame plate liner insert and volute liner in turn.
3. Install shaft sleeve,shaft spacer, O ring, impeller on the shaft end of volute liner and fix axial direction position.
4. Set throat brush, cover plate, connect frame &cover plate.
5. Put packing rings, adjust gland assembly before testing pressure, keep the sealing water drop by drop after testing.
6. Adjust rotor axial direction by adjusting bolt.The total series momentum is 6-12mm,and the front series momentum is 4-7mm.
7. Disassembly of pump can be opposite process of above


1. Inlet pipe should be short, raise slightly and tilt. Seal the inlet & outlet pipes. If need foot valve, must submerge under water in an adequate depth. NPSH of device must be larger than pump. When pump high density slurry, suggest inverted feeding device.
2. The inlet and outlet pipes should have their own brackets .The pipe weight can not be imposed on the pump,and the pump and pipe can not be installed when they are not on the same line.
3. Install gate valve at the pump outlet to adjust operating point. If discharge head is more than 10m, should install a check valve after gate valve to avoid wet parts damage while sudden stop.
4. Check the base levelness when install the pump. Wedge iron leveling is acceptable.
5. After mounting the pump set,the soft packing seal water pressure and capacity should be checked,as shown in diagram 3.
6. Have a check on temperature rise 3 or 4 hours after the trial operation.The bearing temperature should be less than 75 ℃.

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