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Horizontal Slurry Pump Model Selection

Feb 09, 2018

The right selection of horizontal slurry pump models would make a great difference in the pump work life and efficiency. Therefore, it is not that easy to purchase horizontal slurry pump if you want to have the most suitable one. A quick peep of slurry pump selection procedures would be very helpful during your buying process.

Step 1: Know the characteristics of slurry and site working conditions,
Step 2: Select pipeline system and estimate the possibility of precipitate,
Step 3: Data calculation,
Step 4: Draw the clear water performance curve,
Step 5: Estimate the possibility of cavitation by comparing NPSHr and NPSHa,
Step 6: Slurry pump wet parts material selection,
Step 7: Select suitable slurry pump model and find out the performance of maximum flow point,
Step 8: Shaft power calculation and prime motor selection,
Step 9: Select drive type according to speed, power and site working condition,
Step 10: Slurry pump seal selection and shaft seal water quantity and pressure calculation,
Step 11: Slurry Pump driven types choice.

Horizontal Slurry Pump Driven Type

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