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What is high temperature molten salt pump?

Jan 05, 2018

High Temperature Molten Salt Pump is a special high temperature pump. Literally "molten salt pump" in the words of molten salt, molten salt is transporting the medium.

What is
molten salt pump? Popular speaking, molten salt is our cooking salt. After melting of high temperature, salt can change the status that solid of molten salt pump turns into a state of liquid. But the salt that is used to exchange heat is not our cooking salt. It is industrial salt, nitrate, ternary salt and others. It uses liquid molten salt to transfer heat with thermal system.

Now let us talk about molten salt pump, liquid molten salt pump and axial flow

The function of liquid pump is identical with the traditional liquid pump. The pump is a vertical structure and the selection of the liquid part uses specific high temperature resistant material. Pump body, parts of impeller are submerged in the liquid. The structure is reasonable and the operation is reliable. The series of products have the advantages of high efficiency, stable work, small vibration, low noise, long service life, less maintenance, maintenance cost low characteristic and so on.

Axial flow pump accelerates the molten salt flow of exchanging heat’s system. Because of many characters, it covers a small area. It has advantages of large flow, simple structure, light weight, small size of the shape. Its shape is tubular. Impeller is absolutely submerged in the water when vertical axial flow pump works. When the pump starts to work, pump does not irrigate. Its operation is simple and convenient. If the working condition changes, the adjustable axial flow pump still can be maintained at a high efficiency as long as you change the angle of the blade. The axial flow pump has shortcomings that the head is too low. So the application’s scope is limited. Because the molten salt axial flow pump is a low lift and large flow of the pump, so it is often used for heat transfer system of large flow volume.

Molten salt pump has the biggest feature that it delivers high temperature molten salt. And temperature of high temperature molten salt liquid is 270~ 550 degree. Molten salt has a strong permeability and certain corrosive. Because of this, materials of making molten salt pump are resistant to high temperatures. Molten salt has the characters of Strong permeability and some corrosion. Because of this, materials of molten salt pump are required to be resistant to high temperature, difficult to corrosion, especially in areas where molten salt contacts.

If the medium of the production’s quality are good, molten salt pump can be used for a long time. So, we need to choose the regular manufacturers of products, the correct installation, correct use and correct maintenance. If so, a pump can be used ten years.

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