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Apr 17, 2018

These TWN and TG/TGH pumps are of heavy-duty construction, designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive slurries containing large particles with high efficiencies, and low maintenance and ownership cost. They feature an unlined casing design, characterised by design simplicity, and minimum number of parts.

Type “TWN” Dredge Pumps are designed for dredging and similar low head duties.

Type “TG” Gravel Pumps are similar in design to Type “TWN” Dredge Pumps, but typically have larger impellers and heavier casings for pumping to higher heads.

Type “TGH” High Head Gravel Pumps are again similar to Types “TWN” Dredge Pumps and “TG” Gravel Pumps, but typically have larger impeller diameters than the TG Gravel Pump range, and stronger casings to permit pumping to higher heads, up to 80 metres. A common application is in dredging duties incorporating long discharge lines.

The pumps may be fitted with a range of seal types depending on the particular requirements, including the Tobee pump packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal.

Important design features of this range of Tobee Dredge and Gravel Pumps include:

• Cartridge type Bearing Assembly
• Casing attachment by quick-release clamps
• Heavy duty screw thread Impeller attachment
• Through-bolt design throughout
• Easily replaceable Shaft Sleeve
• Replaceable casing components
• Minimum number of casing components

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