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China Interchangeable Slurry Pump Type

Apr 23, 2018

This group of slurry pumps feature interchangeable casing liners and impellers of elastomer or hard metal material.

China Warman Pump

Type AH
‘AH’ and ‘AHE’ slurry pumps are designed for a wide range of erosive and/or corrosive applications. The ‘AHE’ pumps utilise enhanced performance components that are retrofittable to the Type ‘AH’ pump casings and bearing assemblies.

They are generally used for slurries containing high concentrations of erosive solids or where an extremely robust and heavy duty pump is required.

All Warman standard seal options are available of centrifugal, gland or mechanical types and include the Warman high seal and low flow options.

AH Slurry Pump sizes range from 25mm discharge size through to 450mm.

A range of alternative drive frames is available to allow widely varying power demand requirements.

Type L
‘L’ light duty slurry pumps are designed essentially for the same range of applications covered
by the ‘AH’ slurry pump series, but cover much higher flow ranges with discharge sizes extending up to 650mm.

Alternative drive frame sizes are available in all models to accommodate varying power demand requirements. As with the AH slurry pumps, bearing frames are interchangeable with most other Warman models. Standard Warman seal options are also available.

Type G
Type ‘G’ gravel pumps are similar in design to the Type ‘D’ but feature larger impellers and heavier casing construction. They are typically used for pumping gravel, dredging or pumping solids too large to be handled by Type ‘AH’ slurry pumps.

Sizes range from 100mm up to 600mm.

Type GH
The ‘GH’ high head gravel pump range is again similar in construction to both the ‘D’ and ‘G’ gravel pump types, but features larger impeller diameters than the G gravel pump range and incorporates a heavily reinforced casing design to allow pumping of heads up to 80 metres. Typically used in dredging applications where long discharge distances are required. Some models are available with higher pressure rating suitable for applications such as multi-staging.

The ‘GH’ gravel pump is available in sizes ranging from 150mm diameter discharge up to 400mm.

Type SH
The ‘SH’ Type slurry solution pump range is similar to the ‘S’, but features larger impeller diameters and heavily reinforced casing for use where higher heads are required (up to 125m).

The ‘SH’ slurry solution pump range is available in sizes from 50mm diameter discharge up to 250mm.

Type SPR
The ‘SPR’ Vetical slurry pump range is vertical cantilevered shaft design similar to the ‘GPS’, but features full elastomer protection on all submerged components.

This allows this vertical sump pump to be used in highly corrosive applications. Available in sizes ranging from 40mm through to 150mm.

Type AF
The type ‘AF’ Froth Pump is a vertical pump complete with hopper which utilises casings and liners from the Type ‘AH’ slurry pumps.

It is designed to pump frothy slurries more efficiently by de-aerating or partially de-aerating the froth before it enters the pump head, utilising an induced vortex principal.

The ‘AF’ froth pump range is available in sizes ranging from 20mm up to 200mm discharge diameter.

For Slurry Pump Interchangeable Materials, Pls download: China Warman PumpSlurry Pump Interchangeable Materials.pdf

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